How a Kitchen Can Make Your Home Look More Expensive

When you only have the budget for one major renovation in your home, we always recommend starting with the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home, but it’s also the place that can feel the most dated. While the rest of your home may need minor renovations, such as paint and crown molding, the kitchen has much more to be redone. A beautiful kitchen can increase the value of any home!


  • Start With the Right Layout
    Hire a professional to create your kitchen layout. In older kitchens, designers see that so much space is wasted! You will be surprised how much more counter space you can incorporate into your new kitchen. There’s also the consideration of where you actually do the work. The sink needs to be close to the dishwasher, and the stove should be near both the sink and refrigerator.


  • Go Taller
    To add a luxe factor to any kitchen, add extra height. Opt for 42-inch upper cabinets rather than the usual 36-inch. In spaces with lofted ceilings, it’s best to go even higher and stack cabinets.


  • Know Where to Spend
    Quality cabinets will last you a lifetime. Other than well-made cabinetry and flooring, you should splurge on the perfect backsplash. It takes up much of the view in the kitchen, but it can still be tempting to use a cheap, dull tile. Instead, select a style that pairs with your color palette and design style.


  • Pay Attention to the Details
    The cabinets and counters are in, but what about the hardware? Chic hardware can go a long way in making a kitchen feel as though it’s straight from a magazine. Don’t rush finding the right hardware or settle for a look that isn’t your own.




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