Well, that time of year is here. We gather together from far and wide to enjoy our family and friends and partake in great food and fun.

I recently attended an upholstery cleaning seminar given by our most trusted cleaning service Clean as a Whistle.  Clean as a Whistle does a great job in cleaning stains in carpet and upholstery, and I learned they can clean so much more. Clean as a Whistle is IICRC, certified in upholstery cleaning and is recognized as one of the most educated and experienced upholstery care companies in the Houston area.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when the inevitable spill may occur:

  1. Don’t panic!  Yes, it is best to try and get to a spill as soon as it happens but sometimes that is not the case.  Keep calm.
  2. Water, water, water!  If you do not know what the cleaning recommendations are for the fabrics or carpets you have in your home, water is the best answer.
  3. Blot, blot, blot!  Blotting is the best way to ensure the spill not work its way into the fibers.  Rubbing or scrubbing a spill breaks down the fibers in the fabric or carpet and therefore allows a spill to potentially be permanent. Blotting is always best.
  4. Call a professional.  If the spill does not come out with water, we suggest calling Clean as a Whistle. They also have a protectant product called Microseal that can be applied to just about anything you would like protected.  MIcroseal also helps in the cleaning process making more difficult spills come out more easily.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season with family and friends, and remember to call Clean as a Whistle if you have any trouble with your stain removal.


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