Tips to Create Your Dream Closet

Creating your dream closet is possible on nearly any budget! While you may not have the grand dressing room you’ve always wanted, any closet can be transformed into an amazing space.  Here are six quick tips for creating your very own luxe closet:


  1. Clear the clutter: The first and most important aspect of having a dream closet is purging your space of any clothing or accessories you no longer wear. This is the best way to ensure that everything will have a proper place.
  2. Add better lighting: Whether it’s a floor lamp or a chandelier, better lighting will help you to clearly see colors and turn a dimly lit, boring space into a bright, fun room.
  3. Evaluate your storage: Do you have enough drawers? Enough hanging space? Boxes for scarves? Make a list of everything you will need and what sort of changes need to be made that might require a bit more effort, such as building an extra shelving unit.
  4. Find an accent chair: Every great shoe collection deserves a chair where you can easily sit down to take them on and off. An accent chair will also help you define the style of the space.
  5. Color code clothing: When you’re browsing photos of celebrity closets, you will notice that they’re always color coded! Find what works best for you, such as only separating by neutrals, darks, and brights or creating a full-color system.
  6. Add height: Even in small closets, you can create additional storage by going vertical to store seasonal clothing and handbags.

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