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A fine oriental rug is an important investment to perfect the design of any home. Whether it’s in your living room or dining room, a well-made rug can stay with your family for ages, but only if maintained properly. Our friends at the Oriental Rug Gallery of Texas have been rug specialists since 1930 and are a favorite of mine. They’ve sent us their most important tips for protecting your rug from stains and other common rug damages.


  • Selecting the proper thickness of a pad is largely a matter of personal preference. The pad should hold the rug in place, and serve as a buffer between the rug and the floor. Laminated pads, used under wall-to-wall carpeting, are not recommended. Special pads are recommended for securing a rug on top of carpeting and to help prevent color transfer.
  • Stains should be given immediate attention. Do not allow them to set. Remove as much of the substance as possible by either blotting with a clean cloth or scraping with a spoon, depending on the consistency of the substance. Add a small amount of cool water to the area and blot again. Club soda helps to lift many types of stains (including urine) if applied before the stain sets. An approved stain repellent, such as Fiber-Shield, is highly recommended for added protection.
  • An upright vacuum cleaner is recommended for regular maintenance. Take care not to catch the fringe in the beater bar. Suction is only recommended for silky, shag and hand-spun rugs.
  • Moth damage most often occurs in areas concealed under furniture. The furniture should be moved and these areas vacuumed regularly. Moth repellant, such as SLA™, can be purchased in a cedar-scented aerosol or crystals.
  • In order for wear be evenly distributed, rotate the rug every two to three years.
  • Severe damage from mildew occurs when moisture collects and is allowed to remain in a rug. To avoid this, ensure that areas prone to water are not placed near the rug. Potted plants placed on rugs often cause mildew.
  • As with any floor coverings and fabrics, strong sunlight, either direct or indirect, can cause colors to fade.
  • Guard against damage from untrained pets, such as urine stains, clawing, chewing, etc.
  • For cleaning and repairs, entrust your rug to a specialist. A qualified repair facility can restore the appearance and value to a damaged oriental rug.
  • To fully protect your investment, oriental rugs should be insured individually as fine art objects.




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All images of rugs are Oriental Rug Gallery of Texas

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