As interior designers, we love exercising our creative muscles. It’s important to break boundaries. One notion we find ourselves breaking all the time is matching patterns! Here are our three rules for mixing and matching patterns:

Rule 1: Same color, different pattern
Utilize one color and mix and match different patterns. If you want to mix different patterned accent pillows, make sure they all have the same dominant color.

Rule 2: Consider pattern size
When mixing patterns, the patterns should be of different sizes. This allows your eyes to transition from pattern to pattern without it being overwhelming.

Rule 3: Start with a neutral backdrop
A neutral backdrop will help offset the bold pattern combinations. Whether it’s a neutral wall, sofa or bedding, you should always begin with a neutral canvas.


Image Source: Andrew Howard Interior Design


Image Source: West Elm via Houzz

The next time you redesign your space, consider combining prints you never would’ve put together. We want to know which patterns you’re mixing and matching. Show us know on Twitter!


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