“Out with the old, in with the new” has been a saying that many designers have adhered to for a long time. However, we now live in the era of DIYs and Pinterest projects. Instead of ditching your favorite pieces simply because they’re outdated, try revamping them! Fall in love with your old pieces all over again by repurposing them. Here are three ways to transform your old items into something new and improved.

Transform your shutters into a catchall
A new coat of paint can make all the difference in the world. Instead of throwing away your shutters, refurbish them to create a bright and handy catchall. Perfect for a busy family, a catchall is great for storing keys, your mini-Picasso’s artwork or birthday party invitations. Just screw in a hook or use a clothing pin to hold your items.


Image Source: HGTV

Turn your office desk into a beautiful makeup vanity
Every in-home office has a desk, so instead of sending it to a landfill, how about transforming it into a lovely makeup vanity? This project works best with smaller, less-clunky desks. First, you have to decide if you want an antique-inspired or modern vanity. To create a distressed vanity, sand the spots you want to appear worn. A coat of off-white paint will transform your dark desk into a pure, soothing vanity. For a modern look, sand the vanity entirely and apply a solid coat of paint.


Image Source: Dreamy Whites via Houzz

Reupholster couches with new fabric
You may want to reconsider getting rid of that comfy sofa. Before putting it on the curb, consider reupholstering it. Whether you go with a floral pattern or a classic solid color, you can give your seating a few more years of life by switching out the fabric. Reupholstering isn’t just for larger sofas! Ottomans and accent chairs are good candidates for reupholstering too.

Repurposing your existing items may consume your weekend, but trust us, you’ll love the end result! Are you going to repurpose your items any time soon? Share your project photos with us on Twitter!


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