Closet space can be limited when attempting to store large winter items such as sweaters, boots, and large jackets. Before you invest too much in reorganizing or expanding your closet, we recommend thinking of ways to add more storage to your space because there are ways that will cut back time and money to make storing your winter gear I the most efficient way possible.

Many people look to attics, basements, garages and other commonly used places for storage. But you can often discover storage opportunities throughout the main areas of the bedroom, office space or guest areas. By using wall space and furniture creatively, you can bring items you need out of the closet, creating a more functional and comfortable space. Here are a few easy ideas to assist you in creating usable space:

  • Clean out your hall closet spaces, cabinets and shelves. These areas can often become cluttered, but when cleaned reveal a large amount of storage space.
  • Develop otherwise unused vertical space in your room by building bedroom storage solutions along the walls.
  • If your home is small, integrate tall and narrow pieces of furniture, such as tall dressers and burrows.
  • Choose bedside tables with drawers or shelves if possible. This will be helpful for items that you would like to still have easy access to throughout the warm weather seasons.
  • Headboard storage and under bed storage are especially practical for smaller bedrooms.

The more you develop storage solutions for your home, the more space and ease you have for bringing out the spring and summer apparel. Think about these tips while you’re packing away unused items!



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