Creating a soothing sleep space is no easy task, and oftentimes can be an exercise in restraint. Soft, muted color palettes, warm white light, luxurious bedding, and the absence of electronics are just some of the special ingredients for the most relaxing room in the home.


Ready to turn your bedroom into a blissful oasis? Here are a few of our favorite tips.


  • Utilize blackout shades and curtains.


A foolproof trick to keeping your room as dark as possible is to line the typical drapery panel in blackout fabric. This is a simple and often cost effective idea to ensure that daylight doesn’t creep in too early.


  • Get rid of clutter to reduce stress.


Clearing out unneeded clutter always seems to simplify everything. For an easy way to contain what you want to keep, such as books or a favorite notebook, try keeping a cross-functional tray or basket on a bedside table so that everything will have a place of its own.


  • Dial down your palette.


Busy patterns and bright colors can sometimes make it harder to achieve a peaceful night. Try out a combination of fabrics, like cashmere, for throws and tailored drapery panels. This can easily take the room from loud to quiet and calm without turning monotone.


  • Invest in a new mattress.


Buying a mattress can be a very personal task. When shopping for a new mattress, it’s important to take into account comfort and aesthetic purposes. Mattress thickness, for example, can greatly impact the overall height of the bed.


Want more bedroom ideas? Take a peek at our portfolio. Pamela Hope Designs is a full service interior design firm. Schedule your consultation today!





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