Natural Elements into Décor - Brightly Colored Fruit on Kitchen Counter

What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate natural elements into your interior design? In this blog post, we’ll share tips for doing so and cover why it’s helpful to the homeowners.

1. Place fresh fruit in autumn colors on your kitchen counter or table. Lemons and oranges offer a welcome burst of color. It’s also a great opportunity to use glass bowls that otherwise may remain out of view.
Natural Wood Grains in this Table and Chair Back Contribute to the Focus on Natural Elements in the Room
2. We continue to see a lot of natural woods both on floors and tables. Tablecloths are used so seldom now, in exchange for viewing the woodgrain of tables as shown in this photo. Here, you can also see the woodgrain in the light wood of the chairs, which builds on the room’s classic elegance.

3. We also like to use fresh flowers to literally bring nature inside. We’ve even seen tall plants like pussy willows brought indoors to take advantage of a room’s high ceilings. Another option is to use natural motifs on fabrics, which could be used in throw pillows, upholstered furniture and window treatments.

4. Keep firewood conveniently near the fireplace and stack it neatly as an intentional nature exhibit. The texture of the wood is interesting to see and can be used in both contemporary and traditional settings.Natural Elements into Décor - Stacked Wood near the Fireplace Creates a Display with Natural Elements
5. With cooler temperatures outside, it’s a great time to extend your living and entertaining spaces to the yard. In Texas, we’re a bit limited on when the weather is moderate and comfortable, but October and November tend to be ideal. In the below example, we’ve literally turned an outdoor patio into a comfortable socializing space. Instead of conventional lawn furniture, we’ve used metal chairs with weather-resistant seat cushions that easily withstand the outdoor elements. The rug brings the sitting area together visually and we’ve used plenty of side tables to allow guests to place a drink down while enjoying casual conversation. After all, we want to create spaces that work well with the way our clients live. We purposely included vases of flowers and grasses on some of the tables as a gentle reminder of the outdoor setting. In the background, the mantle serves as a focal point in the yard, again intermingling pieces that are customarily considered indoor pieces.

What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate nature into your interior design?

Natural Elements into Décor - Outdoor Patio Intermingles Indoor and Outdoor Elements

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