The Livestock Show and Rodeo is taking over Houston, and its not just because the turkey legs and bull rides! With the Rodeo comes amazing interior design inspiration that includes hide rugs, antlers and my personal favorite, wooden finishing’s. This Texas-ranch rustic style is popular right now because it creates a warm, welcoming feeling with chic wooden design elements. Adding this feature to your home is the perfect way to give your house a classic, rustic, country look and feel. Many residents believe wood to be related with older homes and associate it with a non-modern look. This rumor is put to rest with the use of wooden interior design pieces in the 21st century. Older homes that have been restored have actually refinished their wooden features and showcase them as well. These “finishes” can be anything from a dining room table to the stairs in your home. Be sure to show off your classic, modern, or country style in your home with the use of wooden finishes.

Elizabeth Cooper's Sag Harbor Home – Lonny Magazine

Source: Virginia Rollison via Lonny Magazine


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