Multi-color glass globes at Kalco at High Point Furniture Market

These were fun multi-color glass globes at Kalco Lighting.

By now, if you’re reading this, you are well aware of my recent High Point Furniture Market escapade. I was selected as one of 10 design influencers and had the distinct honor of participating in the Design Influencers Tour. We had a whirlwind tour of showrooms over a two-day period. We had such fun reviewing the great new items, as well as discussing them and how we might use them in our projects. With designers from across the country, it was especially exciting to hear all of the thoughts!

We visited the glamorous Kalco Lighting showroom for lunch and a long, leisurely visit. The team was so knowledgeable and gracious. Not only did we get tons of information on their collections, we had a delicious lunch and had to stop them from over-serving us a very good Sauvignon Blanc (my weakness!).

Some of the Kalco comments that stuck in my head included:

  • Mid Century Modern is getting more futuristic.
  • Frosted and color glass will begin playing a bigger role.
  • Right angles and straight lines are out, curves are in.
  • Polished chrome is a bit passé but wait three years or so…
  • Interesting combinations include: matte black with crystal, Capiz shells with metals and two-tone jute in blue and black.
  • Green is the big color but expect some blue and yellow.
  • Gliver = the term they used for a mix of gold and silver.


Here’s a great example of Mid Century going more modern.

Mid Century Modern design at High Point Furniture Market

Prescott (left) and Chrysler (right) sconces at Kalco Lighting


Of special interest was Kalco’s Externa crystal outdoor application with UV protection. These are very glamorous outdoor lights indeed!

Allegri Crystal by Kalco Lighting at High Point Furniture Market

Lina Esterno display with Allegri Crystal by Kalco Lighting

In addition to the brilliant – literally – use of exterior crystals, Kalco and Allegri are also inventive with the shape of their crystals. Notice the unique crystals on the Carmella chandelier.

Left: Allegri Crystal Carmella Chandelier
Right: Close up of the Allegri Crystal Shape and Design on the Carmella Chandelier — both at Kalco Lighting


The next stop took us down the street to Stickley. I am sure most of you have heard of Stickley and probably equate it with chairs like this:

Lounge Chair (left) and Gus Lounge Chair (right) in Mission Collection.
Photos courtesy of Stickley


And if that’s what you were envisioning, you have good reason. Stickley has been around since 1900 and featured the Mission style from 1900-1916. The company morphed into Colonial and Early American designs to traditional and Williamsburg styles. It reissued Mission in 1989.

While Mission furnishings obviously still have a following, the company has created new designs such as Surrey Hills, which features trellis and vine patterns common to the English Arts and Crafts movement. Look at the pretty cut-out details on this dresser.

Photo courtesy of Stickley via Facebook

I particularly liked the Martine Collection with its sleek lines and Art Deco-type curves. The Martine bed comes in two versions.

Left: Upholstered Martine Bed Right: Wooden headboard on Martine Bed, both at Stickley


It was a delight to spend time at Stickley. It’s a solid brand with beautiful artisanship. Running your hand across any of its wood surfaces, you could feel the quality and beauty of the finishes. They were smooth as silk and so pretty!

Stickley is steeped in tradition and has staying power. It’s proud to be American-made, mainly manufactured in the United States by an international team.

Speaking of an American tradition and success story, our next visit was to the popular Cisco Home showroom. An LA brand, started in 1975, Cisco bought an old mill in High Point and manufactures some of its furniture there. The company also reserved a large amount of space to serve as a warm and welcoming showroom, complete with a kitchen and large cantina area where Cisco himself serves up hot dishes to visitors during market.

The Cisco vibe is unpretentious. It’s comfy, casual and laid back. It reminds me of Texas in general and especially of Austin. I also described it as if your great aunt had a big hacienda and you hadn’t been there in 20 years. Entering the Cisco showroom kind of felt like that. Lots of comfy, casual furnishings in simple fabrics, looking vintage and cozy and not overly done. Here’s a photo of the showroom:

Cisco Home Showroom in High Point

The Remi Chair in Montalvo Café Fabric at Cisco Home (See what I mean by Hacienda-style?)



Sustainability is important to Cisco so it makes perfect sense that the company resuscitated a 100-year-old cotton mill and 23 acres of property to put down its Carolina roots.









Here’s another vignette with leather and a variety of fabrics for the bench and pillows:

A leather and fabric vignette at Cisco


The whole family works in the business and you really feel the warmth. After perusing the showroom, we were invited into the lovely bar area for wine and cheese.

A Corner for Lounging in the Cantina at Cisco Home


Wine and Cheese Await Us at Cisco Home


Can’t you just feel the casual comfort ooze right out of these photos? What a great way to end day two of an absolutely fantastic Design Influencers Tour 2022!

I hope you enjoyed visiting along with me!

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