I love visualizing what our completed projects will look like in print. We were so honored and thrilled to win many design awards last year and look forward to submitting new projects during award season. “Shooting for the Cover” was a headline I kept in mind during my former PR days. When designing a space, I like to think about what it would look like in a photo, because I often find those are the features that will also appeal to those living in or visiting a space.

My art installer, Victor, and I spent a full day designing a display for the new Cypress family home using their trophy mounts. The mounts will wind up a large, circular staircase. It’s going to be stunning and the whole family is excited about this idea. We can’t wait to share more photos of this beautiful home with you!


Here we are designing a stool for my client’s vanity in her master bedroom. The bathroom did not include a vanity space so we are creating one by adding a small, custom stool that she can move in and out of the space. These soft, washed colors will look beautiful in her bright and airy master bath.

PHD Puppy PHD Puppy

We just completed an all-day photo shoot for our gorgeous Kingwood new construction home that was completed last fall! The home’s color palette is mainly in neutral grays and taupe with splashes of colorful art. This home also has breathtaking landscaping. Here are a few snaps from the shoot. See how the whole family (i.e. the pets) enjoyed the activity. We’ll be sure to share a few shots of the home soon!IMG_2793IMG_2798I also had the pleasure of attending the Ferguson Designer Preview Party. Here’s a photo with my wonderful sales rep, Kelly, and me. We decided to pose sitting on my favorite designer toilet! Afterwards, I moved on to a party hosted by my friends at IAG Business Technology in honor of their new office space. Here I am with my friend Leslie and a very special guest. I’ll bet you can guess what the party theme was!

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