Oftentimes, people incorporate bold, colorful accessories to amp up their home décor. If you’re not into brighter hues, it’s okay! Neutral pieces will always have a timeless look to them. If you’re looking for a design style that’s relaxing yet subtle and sophisticated, then neutral is the way to go.

With different shades of browns, whites and grays, going neutral with your home décor is anything by boring. Invest in metallic gray window treatments that will pop on your ivory walls or beige studded chairs. When paired correctly, neutrals will bring any room to life.

We’re really into Curated Kravet’s stunning neutral accessories! Their lamps and coffee tables will serve as staple pieces that can be incorporated into any design theme. Below are two of our current neutral obsessions.

Neutrals don’t have to be boring! Combine different shades and pieces to create your neutral paradise. Do you have suggestions on incorporating neutrals into your décor? Let us know in the comments.

BP6 BP6-2

Image Source: Curated Kravet


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