Silestone Lagoon for the counters

Certain building materials are easier to clean and safer than others. Do you know which kinds you have? If you are building or remodeling, you can keep this in mind as you make your selections. Silestone has antimicrobial protection built into its slabs. In the above photo, we used Silestone Lagoon for the counters in this beautiful kitchen. It’s comforting to know that they won’t harbor harmful microbes.

I also found this two-page Quick Reference Guide about Silestone that details the benefits of this counter material tied to quick reference guide about silestone for kitchen counters and bathroom counterscleanliness and safety.

A great alternative to granite and natural stone counters, Silestone quartz countertops also offer high durability. In high-traffic areas like a kitchen, that’s incredibly important. With so much focus on cleanliness today, we expect to help even more clients choose Silestone counters for both home and office use. The material could even be carried throughout an office that needs table-top space for assembling materials.

Fortunately, there are numerous designs to choose from when selecting a Silestone slab. Whether you like a more consistent pattern or a unique, natural look, this material looks great. Its non-porous composition also helps it resist stains. This material gets a thumbs up in our book for kitchen counters that are easy to live with.

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Silestone slabs in various colors are great for countertops

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