If you want to update your kitchen and are seeking a unique way to amp up your style, look no further. Lighting can be the extra touch that enhances the design and creates a focal point for the room. Here are a few glam ideas to get you started:

Modern Drum Pendants

A drum pendant light isn’t too out of the ordinary, but it will step up your game from your current track or fluorescent lighting.


Brass Fixture

A brass fixture if a great way to get the gleam of gold hardware but with a toned-down look. The finish of this piece gives is a subtle antique twist.

Contemporary Chandelier

A contemporary chandelier is a sleek option for a kitchen that needs a statement. This piece would look wonderful in a sleek, modern kitchen that lacks a focal point.

Industrial Pendant

A few industrial pendants are perfect for a bachelor’s loft. These add plenty of light while still staying in line with a pared-down look.

Color Statement

A bold pop of color could be just what your bright, white kitchen is longing for. Look for a piece in the same style vein as your space, and choose a color at the bright end of your palette.

Orb Chandelier

Orb chandeliers are a new, sleek take on chandeliers. They are usually simple and have clean lines, perfect for contemporary or transitional kitchens.


Hanging Lantern

A hanging lantern is great for traditional kitchens. We see this one hanging in a set in a warm, large kitchen.

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