Lighting has transformed the way we decorate our spaces. Interior designers are opting for statement chandeliers and large pendants versus the traditional smaller fixtures. From hallways to kitchens, large-scale lighting fixtures are making their way into almost every room. Here are four rooms in your home that can be transformed by incorporating the perfect large-scale lighting fixture.

A crystal chandelier isn’t just for a dining room. There’s nothing more glamorous than having a grand chandelier hanging above a bed. Talk about feeling like royalty! 

Kitchens are the heart of most homes. Go with a pair of large pendants or three smaller fixtures over a kitchen island.

Oftentimes, hallways aren’t given the attention they deserve. Switch it up by adding a nice gallery wall and hanging lanterns down a hallway.

Dramatic lighting with a mixed metallic finish is the perfect piece to add to your bathroom décor.

During your next redesign, consider large-scale lighting in your design. Showcase your large-scale lighting fixtures by tweeting us a picture.

Image Source: Jeff Herr via Houzz

Image Source: Jamie Padgett via Houzz


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