As I’ve mentioned before, one of the first selections needed for a new construction project are the plumbing fixtures. This is because the pouring of the slab is dependent on first-floor plumbing.

Once the plumbing is in place, it’s on to decorative lighting. From a design standpoint, I like selecting the light fixtures in the early phase because they help define the style of the home.

When choosing your lighting, choose a style you love. When I attended my first Furniture Market in High Point, North Carolina, I purchased a few jewelry pieces from up-and-coming designer Shannon Koszyk. I loved her edgy style and that her pieces were heavily influenced by rock and roll and the medieval times.


Shannon Koszyk – St. John Wrap Bracelet

When I found out that Shannon created a lovely line of light fixtures for Currey & Company I was thrilled. I had my eye on a few of her elegant designs, especially the Antiquity Small Chandelier, which I ended up selecting for my dining room. I also purchased the Graycliff Chandelier for my stairwell. I thought these pieces blended seamlessly, so I took it a step further and also bought Currey’s Icon Sconce for the curving stairwell.












Left: Currey & Company – Antiquity Chandelier

Right: Currey & Company – Graycliff Chandlier


Currey & Company – Icon Sconce

As for the kitchen, I’ve designed a stylish, yet functional 9-foot long island. This is the longest slab of stone you can get with a single piece of granite. Although the kitchen lighting trend usually calls for two large lanterns, I felt that my island design leant itself to three pendants. I have been wanting to combine more than one style for several years and have tried to convince clients to try it as well. For one recent client, we used a pair of pendants plus a lantern in the middle to create a beautiful space and it was a big hit! Now that I have the opportunity to combine styles in my own home, I went back to Currey & Company and purchased a pair of Anton Pendants and matched it with a single Lulworth Pendant for the center fixture.



Currey & Company – Anton Pendant

let-there-be-lightCurrey & Company – Lulworth Pendant

The lighting design is really starting to come together! Stay tuned for more photos and updates on my new construction home!

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