Everybody designs their home in terms of their own personal style. Much like how we approach what pieces of clothing we like or dislike, all of the elements of a designed space will reflect a person’s taste. But how much does gender play a role in home décor? More than you think!

In general, most of my projects involve creating spaces for both genders to enjoy. But I have noticed that men and women have a few differences when it comes to design.

So what are the differences? Women tend to gravitate toward a more soft, calming color palette than men; usually neutrals or pastels. Slight differences in color are also usually more important to women; they want a shade that’s just right. While it might seem like the obvious answer, men are typically interested in a darker palette. In fact they are generally open to a wide range of colors and materials. Men generally want a more tailored, polished look while women want things to have a natural, softer look.

While there are a few slight differences in design choices depending on gender, I feel overall “masculine” and “feminine” have less to do with the actual gender of the person and more to do with the way you want people to feel in a particular room. A room that’s masculine will be a little darker, more put-together, have larger furniture pieces and have a moodier feel, while a feminine room will be airier, lighter and utilize softer details.

Ultimately, when talking about gender when it comes to design, the word takes on a new meaning. Do you think your design style is more masculine or feminine? Let us know in the comments!

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