Throw pillows are a classic way to spruce up your sofa, love seat, or chair. The aesthetic and arrangement of throw pillows have grown into the ultimate design challenge. Mastering the art of throw pillows can make your space instantly go from no room to show room.

Creating the perfect arrangement of throw pillows can be a challenge. Some things you’re probably wondering are “How many pillows are too many,” “Can I use more than one pattern,” and “Do the pillows all have to be the same size?” Don’t worry, throw pillows aren’t as scary as they seem!

Master the art of throw pillows by following these guidelines:




Ideally, throw pillows should range from 18 to 24 inches across for larger furniture like couches or sofas. For a stand-alone chair, the throw pillow can be a little smaller. However, you don’t want them to take over the couch, leaving no room for you to sit. The pillows don’t need to be the same size. Size can vary; however, keep the pillows inside the 18-24 inch range.



The color you choose for your throw pillows should compliment the furniture on which it will be placed. Here’s the fun part: Once you decide on a color, you can gather an assortment of pillows that color. You could combine solid colored pillows with ones that have a geometric pattern or an interesting design! Another option is to pick multiple colors and/or patterns for your accent pillows. This will liven up your arrangement and add a creative element.

Mastering the art of throw pillows

Sometimes, the most unexpected combination will look the best. Keep an open mind and explore your options to create the perfect throw pillow arrangement!

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