One of the style trends that we are seeing more of this year is the midcentury modern style. When designing for this style, it’s important to find the right blend of modern and vintage decor because without the correct balance, your home will look like a time capsule. One of the main design elements of this style are clean lines in furniture. Along with these lines, midcentury modern furniture also incorporates wooden pieces, such as teak. The subtle, craftsmanship of these furniture pieces is what makes this style timeless. Compliment your furniture with a vintage lighting fixture or lamp. Look for curvy bases in a bold color when choosing lighting fixtures. The next step to achieving this style is to decorate with vintage accessories like artwork or accent bowls. Stick with a neutral color palette or one inspired by the 60’s – think mustard, olive and orange. These are just starting points to help turn your home into a midcentury modern home.


Source: Eric Roth via Elle Decor


Source: David Butler via Apartment Therapy 


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