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We are big fans of mudrooms immediately situated off a backdoor or garage entrance. These spaces are ideal for tucking away rain boots and umbrellas, purses and book bags, and other items that are within arms’ reach when homeowners head out the door. Still, these areas can easily become cluttered catch-alls for family belongings, off-season collectibles, items no longer needed and friends’ effects that need to be returned. In this blog post, Pamela Hope Designs shares some of our favorite tips for mudroom must haves that keep the spaces tidy and well-designed.

Start with function. Think about how you will truly use the space. Families in Texas often need rain gear close at hand so consider surfaces that can easily be wiped or mopped to avoid slipping on wet surfaces. We recommend an umbrella stand to hold wet umbrellas so they’re not likely to drip rainwater throughout the house. A bench is also a welcome feature that allows you to take a seat while removing rainboots or any shoes for that matter. (More tips on bench seating in a mudroom is covered later.)

colorful designer mudrooms

Photo Courtesy: HGTV and Dale Blumberg Interiors

Whether your climate is prone to flashfloods, snow fall or dry weather, ample storage that contains belongings neatly and out-of-eyesight is a mudroom must have. Depending on the size of your space and the number of family members, we often suggest a combination of open area hooks and closed cabinets as shown in the photo above by Dale Blumberg Interiors. We also love the fun colors in the rug and the cool blue light fixtures that inject this mudroom with energy.

Hang purses, backpacks and items regularly used during the current season on the hooks. Hide other items such as extra shoes and sports equipment behind closed cabinets. Many families with young children prefer one concealed cubby or cabinet for each family member.

If your mudroom is off a pool area, plan for a cabinet or two to gather towels, sunscreen, goggles and swimming pool supplies. For smaller items, a collection of baskets can be placed in a lower drawer that smaller folks can access easily. That’s also a smart choice for encouraging youngsters to pick up pool items and put them back in place. (Smile!)

Cleanliness matters. Since a lot of foot traffic is likely to move through the mudroom, plan to stop as much dirt and germs in their tracks. Investing in a quality, water-resistant rug to place immediately inside the exterior door is essential. The right rug removes debris from shoes and pet paws before they parade through your interiors. Think of the fun things you can do with the time you’ll save not sweeping or vacuuming as frequently!

As shown below, “Highcorfe’s indoor doormat is capable of keeping grime from spreading into other areas of your home—and tying together your foyer (or other rooms). The tightly woven material looks clean and stylish but secretly holds onto outdoor elements with ease. And its rubberized backing means it won’t slide around,” according to Real Simple. Prices start at $17.99 with sizes ranging from 20” x 31.5” up to 36” x 59”. Choose between the gray and white option or the brown and white rug. A bonus of this find is that it is machine washable.

water-resistant rugs for mudrooms

Photo Courtesy: Amazon

sink in mudroom

Photo Courtesy: deVOL and Homes and Gardens


We also like to feature a sink and counter space in the mudroom whenever possible. “Mudrooms will be useful for cleaning not just boots and clothes, but probably the odd pet and toddler, too,” Homes and Gardens said. We especially like deep sinks like the one shown here by deVOL as it allows homeowners to fill large watering cans and soak larger items that need a good cleaning.

For those with muddy cleats and the like, try capturing the items and the dirt inside a bench seat. Sometimes, it’s challenging to remove mud from shoes. Store them in the enclosed bench while they dry. Then remove the dried dirt outside later and use the vacuum attachment to quickly clean up any loose dirt that fell inside the bench. The contained debris is much easier to cleaner up in this small enclosure.


bold paint and dark floors in mudrooms

Photo Courtesy: HGTV and Artistic Tile

Designer looks can shine in your mudroom. Think bolder tile and wallpapers. Since mudrooms tend to be smaller spaces where you don’t spend extended periods of time, we enjoy experimenting with colors and patterns that homeowners love but may not want in rooms where they spend most of their time. Stretch yourself a little and have fun. Check out the bold teal in the above shelves and doors. The dark tile from Artistic Tile also helps hide dirt.

Don’t overlook your mudroom. It doesn’t have to look like an afterthought. In fact, your mudroom can celebrate a favorite hobby, theme or color. Take, for example, the following splash of vivid hues in a mudroom designed by Jane Beiles for Kristina Phillips Interior Design, featured in Homes and Gardens. This mudroom is so well-appointed that we’re certain we’d feel splendid relaxing here. “Applying a fun wallpaper or bright paint will add an element of happiness to an otherwise transient space,” Kristina Phillips pointed out.

vivid color in mudroom

Photo Courtesy: Jane Beiles for Kristina Phillips Interior Design and Homes and Gardens

Other designer touches…

  • Unique light fixtures add a festive theme to your mudroom. Additionally, we appreciate windows on at least one wall to allow natural light into the space. We’ve discovered that the windows can often peer out onto a well-groomed backyard for an expanded feel to your home.
  • Decorative tile on walls with coordinating yet different flooring can give small spaces a truly unique look.
  • As shown in the next image, cozy areas can still have a big impact. A simple black and white color is anything but boring. We’re raving over the stunning tile on the ceiling! The dark tiles on the floor conceal dirt and make a clean up a snap.
tile on ceiling in mudroom

Photo Courtesy: Yelena Gerts House of Style and Design & Homes and Gardens

No matter what your décor style or if you want help discovering it, Pamela Hope Designs is ready to put our interior design experience to work for you. Contact us for a personal consultation you’re sure to enjoy. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to read the short post on “Mud Rroom Design Tips“.

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