Sunlight, the moon’s glow, and any other light nature provides us with is what guides us. We get in bed when it’s dark outside. We get out of bed when it’s light outside. We work when it’s light outside. We live our lives when it’s light outside. Therefore, when natural light enters your home, you should embrace it! Natural light not only helps you save on electricity, but it also brings nature into the space.


The key factor in bringing in natural light is a window. When designing your home, decorate your windows with curtains, blinds, or any window treatment to add a bit of character to the window. However, don’t always keep the curtains or blinds closed to block natural light from entering. Invite natural light into your home, don’t shut it out! Mother Nature wants us to embrace it and she knows best!

It’s easy to take in natural light during the summer, with longer days and shorter nights. Turn off your lights and revel in the glorious sunlight! Natural light brings in a bright and uplifting vibe that no light bulb can. Take advantage of the opportunities your windows provide you with, whether it’s an outstanding view or a generous amount of light.

You have the power to give your home a feeling of natural comfort with the help of nature’s light. With that being said, design and decorate the rooms in your home to focus on the natural light that windows bring into the space. Don’t avoid Mother Nature’s gift, embrace it in your home!


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