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In Process Project by Pamela Hope Designs

The interior design process can be a little intimidating if you are not used to the many selections that need to be made when designing a new room or home. It can be stressful trying to decide paint colors and the many options of flooring (wood, tile or luxury vinyl planks). What kind of lighting is desired? Would you prefer a sofa or sectional? What about a rug? Those new large windows are beautiful, but you will need some sort of privacy in a few areas, so we then need to think about window shades and draperies. Of course you need art and accessories to add personality to the space. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

When beginning any design project, we like to have a conversation with our clients about what their goals are for each space. How do they plan to use each space and if it is a complete renovation, let’s explore solutions to any problems they may be having with each space. We also ask our clients if they are planning on keeping any furniture, art and accessories, so we can consider those in our planning. There is quite a lot to think through but that’s why you should hire a professional design company. At PHD we can help you organize  your thoughts as well as help you with solutions for your new space, designing your home to be the comfortable retreat you seek every day. Let’s look at a couple of our projects where we helped our clients achieve the home of their dreams and how we did it.

When we begin our projects, we have our check list to help us organize our ideas for each space. We think about the home from top to bottom and can adjust the list as needed.

In one of our most recent projects, our client purchased a home that was in a perfect location for their lifestyle but was not aligned with their design preferences. The house was definitely dated in style and finishes. This is a young family. While the house offered ample space with a game room and media room ideal for the husband, it was older and more traditional than our clients preferred. Our clients wanted a more modern style with minimal flare. There were many things that needed to be addressed so we started with the paint color and a new floor.

paint for our interior design process

Paint Samples Courtesy: Sherwin-Williams

We asked our clients what their vision was for the space, what kind of furnishings are they attracted to and if they had any furniture, art and accessories that they would be keeping. They expressed they preferred a clean style with a neutral color palette. As shown in the photo below, we opted for painting the walls, ceiling and trim a clean white (SW 7004 Snowbound) while painting the cabinetry a soft black in SW 7069 Iron Ore. Paint is the one thing you can change in your home that will make the biggest impact. This truly made a huge difference in this project. Our clients loved it and we did too!

interior design process in progress

In process project from above, showing addition of rugs, art and accessories

The flooring was the next big change for the home. We helped our clients select a luxury vinyl plank that mimicked a wood floor with a gray washed effect. The styling and color of the floor is the perfect solution to help hide everyday dirt and dust. We then helped select furnishings, art, and rugs. The game room needed to have a comfortable leather sectional for lounging and watching their favorite sports. We did add a rug in the game room but don’t have a photo yet since we are still discussing what the client wants as additional art. Rest assured, we have given them some great ideas!

The living room was to have a more formal look, so we selected a sofa and pair of swivel chairs. We have talked about my love of swivel chairs before! As you can see, the modern art, rug and accessories finish the spaces so nicely and the clients are enjoying their new home. We are so happy with the way it has turned out. We still have several rooms to go but the progress we have made has made everyone happy and this makes PHD happy!

Sometimes we are called upon by clients who need an update but not as extreme as a complete renovation. Another project we had the privilege of working on is just one of those. We spoke with the client about the changes she would like to make in her living room. She wanted enough seating for her family of five and wanted it to be comfortable and cozy. We chose a comfortable sectional for the living room and new rugs for both the living room and dining room that added abstract pattern and color. Our client was extremely happy with the selections, however the first thing Pamela thought when she visited this home is that the built-in bookshelves needed to be more of an accent. Pamela suggested wallpaper. When looking for papers, she gravitated to whimsical, fun prints with a lot of pattern on dark backgrounds. Pamela felt this was the perfect way to highlight the shelves. The client loved our paper suggestions so much we decided to take it one step further and selected a paper for a bathroom as well. See the results of the living room (below left) and bath room (below, right).

interior design process - Pamela Hope Designs

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

The living room bookshelves didn’t need much but the dark background color with silver and gold florals in the R15170 Black Peacock wallpaper added just enough punch of color that brought the room to a completed look. The powder room had some unusual angles, so we thought it would be nice to have a modern wallpaper simplistic in design to compliment the angles of the powder room. We selected a paper that is one of our favorites by Cole and Son called Woods and Stars. It turned out beautifully!

The next time you want a change in styling for your home, whether it be a complete renovation or simple change of furnishings and spark of color, remember to contact us.  We can help guide you through the process and bring your vision to fruition.  Until next time, let your creative juices flow!

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