While a shower may be the fastest way to get clean, a bathtub can be the perfect place to relax after a long day. Baths are a soothing way to unwind, and lucky for us, bathtub manufacturers have produced a variety of styles, features, and shapes to match any taste and budget.

Choose the Type of Tub
There are lots of things to think about when deciding what kind of tub you want. Think about where you want your tub to be in your bathroom. Is it going to be in the center of the room? Try looking at a freestanding or a clawfoot tub. Do you want your bathtub to fit into a specific space? We suggest a 3-wall alcove or a drop-in tub. Once you’ve decided on the type of bathtub, the rest is easy!

Pick Your Features
Tub manufacturers typically provide lots of different features to choose from. You can get jets and bubbles, Chroma therapy, music, lights, and even digital controls incorporated into your design! What features are a must for you?

Decide on Your Material
There are plenty of different materials that can be used for making your tub. Try looking at the style of your home first. Typically, tubs are made from acrylic and fiberglass, while more expensive and extravagant tubs can be made from copper, cast-iron, or even carved from stone. Our best suggestion is to decide just how much time you’re planning on spending in your tub. Is comfort your top priority, or is it the aesthetic look of the tub? Perhaps you prefer a happy medium. Different materials offer different strengths.

Bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes, so feel free to get creative!

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