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Ready for a refresh with new paint colors for home and office renovations or new construction? When you’re contemplating a big change in your home décor, even on a smaller budget, painting your interiors is a relatively simple effort with a big return on investment. Your color palette options are literally limitless, which is one reason we’re focusing on trending paint colors for the home and office this year.  In this article, we share the colors that people are gravitating toward likely because of the COVID-19 pandemic (and why) as well as some more timeless colors that are smart investments long-term and still deliver the refreshed, new feeling.

As 2021 unfolds, we’re seeing certain colors take center stage for both home and business settings, especially when those two environments merge as many of us have experienced. As our country and world define what our new normal will become, many are finding comfort in renovating their home décor and updating paint color really is a great place to start.

Urbane Bronze in Kitchen

Photo Courtesy: Sherwin-Williams

Urbane Bronze (SW 70448) as Sherwin-Willliams' 2021 color of the year

Photo Courtesy: Sherwin-Williams

1). Sherwin Williams’ 2021 color of the year is Urbane Bronze (SW 7048) and we couldn’t describe it better. “Tap into nature with a hue whose warmth and comfort breathe down-to-earth tranquility. Our 2021 Color of the Year, Urbane Bronze, captures that simple sophistication every space is searching for.”

2). Jewel tones: Lift your mood while you’re indoors with bold jewel tones like the ones shown below. Remember, paint doesn’t only go on walls! These bright hues, like the one on the nightstand below evoke a smile and who wouldn’t want that? These great colors also add visual stimulation, which can help those tired of neutral décor and want a different look.

jewel tones in this bedroom elicit happy thoughts and smiles
Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

3). Mint or Seafoam Green creates a soft, restful feel for your home. When outings are limited, so much activity happens in your home environment (working, teaching/studying, exercising, relaxing). This scenario begs for a sanctuary that soothes the senses. For example, designer Mark Williams creates a soft space to welcome the morning with mint green in this breakfast nook. Notice even the wood work, trim and ceiling use the monochromatic paint color. These soft colors help counteract the chaos of the pandemic and uncertain times whether you paint a furniture piece like an old table or accent chair or if you venture broader to cover the entire room in one color.

Alternatively, homeowners are opting to bring the outdoors inside by using green hues found in nature like the photo at the top of the page. This 2021 color trend leans on natural beauty (perhaps with an energetic pop of sunny yellow) to help us imagine retreating to an off-the-grid sanctuary without digital demands and travel restrictions. These paint colors for home and office will have you feeling restored without packing a bag.

mint green paint in breakfast nook

Photo Courtesy: HGTV & Mark Williams

moody hues for paint colors for home and office in 2021

Image Courtesy: Hunt + Gather Goods

4.) Moody hues of blues and green are also quite popular this year. We love when those darker shades are juxtaposed with lighter hues to make each room feel really unique. These paint colors are great when accompanied by natural woods, soft whites and pops of jewel tones (also popular this year) for accents. Clients are often hesitant to go with these darker shades on interior walls because they worry the dark color will close in the room. However, when well executed, these shades truly look stunning and set apart a room from the rest of the home or office. If you’re not comfortable trying one of these moody blues in a primary room, try it in a laundry room, home office or even half bath.

Rose or blush is a popular paint color this year.

Photo Courtesy: Good Housekeeping & Kristen Mayfield Photography

5.) Blush or rose tops the charts and, interestingly, is now considered a neutral. Expect to see blush used where white traditionally has been… like inside a closet for an added touch. (Check out “Closet Ideas You Need to Hear” for more great ideas.) At left, blush paint is used on the woodwork from cabinets to inside the shelving. Even the area throw rug picks up this color palette for a sophisticated, feminine look.

6.) Simple White by Benjamin Moore or warmer whites (rather than a stark, blinding white) continue to be popular for their fresh, clean feeling. . Let’s face it. We all want to soak up the warmth and reassurance that you feel with this shade. While it contrasts well with bolder colors, Simply White can stand on its own as well.

Simply White paint by Benjamin Moore

Photo Courtesy: Benjamin Moore







7.) A repeat from last year is dark navy that makes a bold impression. Below, we renovated a West University home for a busy family of four and used a dark navy paint on the kitchen counter base. The bold color grounds the room, while the clean white surfaces emphasizes the open kitchen area. I encourage you to also see “Clever, Innovative Features for Your Kitchen Renovation“.

dark navy continues as a favorite paint color in bedrooms but also common areas like the kitchen, contrasting with white wood work

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

As we mentioned in our “Feel Empowered with these Interior Design Trends for 2021” blog post, we’re also seeing an interesting combination of black and white kitchens this year. Whether you opt for black and navy counter bases, a stunning kitchen is likely. Taking the classic black and white paint further into the house, the following example from Elle Decor shows black painted walls in the background (perhaps the home’s entry) that opens to the kitchen with white painted wood paneling and black accents throughout. This is a good example of the minimalist style with the black and white motif.

black painted wood paneling

Photo Courtesy: Elle Décor

Out with the old and in with the new. Which paint choice will become your next hue? Contact Pamela Hope Designs, your Houston interior decorator, for expertise in selecting paint colors for home and office renovations or new construction in 2021.

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