Warrant Building – 1010 San Jacinto Houston, TX 032017

The prestigious, annual Houston PaperCity Design Awards honored Pamela Hope Designs and Lead Designer Pamela O’Brien with the 2018 Commercial Historical Restoration/Preservation Award for our work on the Warrant Building!

PHD’s work on the Warrant Building in Downtown Houston was a collaboration with A2studio Architects and Prevot Design Services. The extensive renovation of this historic building at 1010 N. San Jacinto was intended to breathe new life into a crumbling piece of the city’s architectural history. Built in 1910, the building notably served as the home of Star Bottling Works, which supplied original soft drinks to hot and thirsty Texans for more than 50 years. Following the bottling plant’s closure, the Warrant Building spent decades falling into increasing disrepair.

When Pamela Hope Designs entered the picture, our firm was tasked by the building’s owner to update and revitalize the property while preserving its historical integrity. Working with this unique building was a designer’s dream come true! The exterior is dominated by a tower exhibiting a unique profile. This tower was originally split by a low floor, creating a cramped entryway. When we opened it up, it became a dramatic space filled with natural light. Gorgeous!

Warrant Building – 1010 San Jacinto Houston, TX 032017

Warrant Building – 1010 San Jacinto Houston, TX 032017


Pamela selected a beautiful signature piece for this entryway in the form of a large, cut-crystal art deco chandelier. This eye-popping fixture filled the space perfectly and provides an elegant focal point from many angles—even from Interstate 10!

Other features we were proud to add to this dapper, old building include a custom iron handrail featuring the owner’s monogram, a hanging pendulum and pyramid sculpture designed by the building owner and fabricated by artist Michael Stencel, the use of the old elevator shaft to house the building’s original safe (still working except for one part purportedly unopened since 1939), and the transformation of a covered parking area into a grand entry and comfortable courtyard perfect for staff lunches and office breaks.

The awards celebration on April 23 kicked off Texas Design Week Houston. The evening began with a lovely cocktail celebration in the new Post Oak Hotel followed by the presentation in the Post Oak Ballroom. The winning entries were announced by three of the judges: Ray Booth, and Gen and Benjamin Sohr.

PHD is so grateful to receive this wonderful award, and we’d all like to thank PaperCity, the judges, and our great collaborators, A2studio Architects and Prevot Design Services. Most of all, we are thrilled to have had the honor of working with Chris Manske and Manske Wealth Management to help restore and revitalize a great piece of Downtown Houston’s architectural and commercial history!

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