We had a very successful year last year at Pamela Hope Designs and look forward to a wonderful 2018. Last year, we not only worked on our largest residential project 20,000 square feet we also did some of the most tailored, personalized, and complex new construction to date. The projects turned out beautifully and the clients enjoyed their first Christmas in their new homes.

We also finished two exciting commercial projects. One was a cool apartment leasing office in the Houston Medical Center. When we started this project with the investors, we always imagined a resort feel and with hipster style in the leasing office and the luxurious pool, green spaces, and dog park. It turned out exactly as we planned! We also worked on a newly built facility for an electrical contractor. Our friend Michael Morton at M Architects referred the client to us after he did a beautiful job designing their new building. The only problem is that it was quite bare, so we gave it the PHD touch with awesome art, reception furnishings, a logo sign, and accessories.

Jon and I enjoyed a lovely holiday season. Starting with a trip to the Boyer Towing Holiday Party that we attend yearly in Ketchikan, Alaska, I ended the trip with a fun, design-filled overnight with my interior designer cousin Alyssa in Seattle. Jon worked over Christmas, so I went to Austin for a small family celebration. We spent New Years in Utah with my brother Pete and his family. We had lots of good food, fun times, and winter sports. The snow was not as plentiful as my brother likes but it was sunny, crisp and cold, so we hiked on New Year’s Day and skied the next two days.
Danna has enjoyed having her girls back home after their first semester in college. Both of the twins did well in school but were happy to be home, too. They enjoyed wearing their new hats and scarves that Danna made. She took up crocheting as a hobby and the weather has been perfect for the girls to try out her new designs! They enjoyed traditional family events and attended the Zoo Lights on New Year’s Eve.
Joni Karnowski, our contract designer, is now officially the administrative designer at Pamela Hope Designs! Many of you have already met her, and we look forward to having her work with you more in the future. Joni returned home to chilly Kansas for Christmas. She was excited to give a big gift to her parents a new dishwasher that she won at Ferguson earlier this year. She also enjoyed baking cookies and dressing up with her niece and nephew.
The holidays and a new year are inspirational to me. Until next time, find your inspiration or call use and we’ll help you discover it.

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