Jon and I enjoyed meeting with our architect Greg Swedberg of 2Scale Architects. Based on his bubble diagrams and our preferred house layout, he wanted to walk around our current home and ask questions about how we live and use our space.  I enjoyed that because I do that with my clients too.  It’s always good to see how people really live in their homes. I like design that my clients can live with so we wanted that for ourselves too of course!

Greg went back to his drafting table and came up with three floor plans:  D, E and F.  It was a no brainer for us.  We certainly didn’t want to have to back cars in and out of the garage.  We already do that in our current Rice Military neighborhood even with a coveted three car garage.  We also wanted to push the house far back on the lot and were willing to forgo a larger courtyard in order to have more setback.  Obviously, floor plan “D” was the one we chose.  I love the layout.  It looked perfect for us with most of the important living area on the first floor and with a second guest room or study option as well.

 This was beginning to feel like a real project.  We were excited!  Now, what is this house going to look like?





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