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Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

As interior designers, we continue to see growing interest in updating home décor to reflect the latest design trends and help us enjoy more time in our homes than we’ve typically experienced in past decades. Home design is truly a reflection of our personalities as well as the current environment and our ensuing priorities. At Pamela Hope Designs, we love decorating each homeowner’s space to create a place of safety, joy and restoration. We approach each project by asking our clients about their preferred home décor styles. We familiarize ourselves with our clients’ personalities, values, family dynamics and even the needs of their furry friends. All of this enables us to create homes that truly reflect and support our clients. In this article, we decided to take a step back and share an overview of the various, popular home décor styles. Whether you’re remodeling an existing home or building a new one, consider this a primer on home décor styles.

traditional master bedroom

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

Traditional: As the most common design style in the United States, traditional homes incorporate historical architecture while embracing classic lines and symmetry. These spaces feature practical, thoughtful layouts with defined living and dining areas. For this design aesthetic, we often incorporate wood furniture especially antiques, hardwood floors, crown molding, white or cream paint on the walls with typically muted tones in the furniture fabrics. The above photo is an example of a traditional home in River Oaks that we decorated.

One aspect of traditional décor that surprises some is that it does not have to feel heavy with dark woods and fabrics. For example, at right, a sitting area in a master bedroom also takes on a traditional feel with purposeful chairs, a simple accent table and full-length window treatments along the back. As The Spruce shares, “Furnishings air on the side of classic rather than out-of-the-box, so as to keep things simple, matched and consistent.”

contemporary home decor

Photo Courtesy: Rett Peek and Better Homes & Gardens

Contemporary: Contemporary-style homes typically use modern materials, distinctive lines in roof lines and furniture silhouettes, and unexpected pops of color. Unlike traditional homes, this style intentionally chooses asymmetrical lines. In the example above, the front façade of the house combines different materials and the bold yellow door. “The overall shape is asymmetrical, but expanses of horizontal wood planks repeat across the facade for balance. The square windows lack ornate trim or shutters to foster a clean, modern look,” per a Better Homes & Gardens article. We love the fact that visitors enter a private gate to approach the front door.


Photo Credit: The Inside and Elle Decor

Minimalist: As the name insinuates, this design style keeps the look clean and uncluttered. Still, don’t confuse this option with unsophisticated. As you’ll see in the dramatic living room above (designed by Peter Som for The Inside) from Elle Décor, simple lines are echoed throughout the furniture. The black and white color scheme plays up the simplicity. The decorative screen continues this color mode yet introduces a playfulness in the lively white floral print. The bold painting rests in the background, balanced by the bold striped chair. Accessories are kept to a limited few.


Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

Mid-Century Modern: According to Architectural Digest, “The architectural style, seen in the work of talents such as Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler, is known for its use of expanses of glass, flat planes, and a strong connection to nature.” Simple forms team up with an accent on function.

The photo above and at right are great examples of Mid-Century Modern design executed inside and out through a collaboration with Pamela Hope Designs, 2Scale Architects, Steven Allen Designs, and Zone Nine Landscape & Design. Inside, you’ll find clean lines with a focus on function. The breakfast nook features two iconic-inspired molded plastic chairs, an equally iconic tulip-style table, bench seating with storage below and custom cabinetry with unassuming hardware. Accent colors in the art and bench cushions invigorate the space for the family of four.

See more about this project in Modern Luxury Houston. A special note: This project was recognized with two ASID Design Awards for living room design and whole house renovation. Additionally, it was presented the Texas Association of Builders Star Award for best bathroom and won three national-level design awards from the National Association of Home Builders.

farmhouse design style

Photo Courtesy: Jennifer Boomer/Verbatim Photo Agency

Modern Farmhouse: With its popularity thanks in large part to Joanna Gaines of the TV show “Fixer Upper,” the modern farmhouse style intertwines country with contemporary. The design starts with a neutral color palette with a crisp trim around the windows and door. According to, “Another key to achieving modern farmhouse style involves mixing industrial elements like oversize metal light fixtures, sleek cabinet hardware, and stainless-steel appliances with distressed wood in the form of rough-hewn flooring, raw-edge open shelves, or a classic farmhouse table.”

Photo Courtesy: Barclay Butera Interiors & Adorable Home

Coastal: Not just for beach and lake houses, this home décor style celebrates colors and textures typical of seaside communities. Coastal designs adapt a more casual feel as if the inhabitants were on a permanent vacation. Expect to find a myriad of ocean blues and greens that accent the soothing white and sand tones. An abundance of natural light is a welcome feature in coastal décor, although we do recommend installing window treatments to block glare and provide darkness during rest time. Instead of incorporating the often-over-done accents such as shells and sailor knots, Pamela Hope Designs appreciates taking the look up a notch by weaving the coastal theme into artwork, rugs and other accents such as colored glass vases. While the photo at right uses a classic navy as the accent hue, we think this setting from Adorable Home makes great use of the whites on the ceiling, walls, flooring and furniture. The art above the bed softly highlights the ocean vibes. The rubbed finish on the bedside tables also contributes to the relaxed atmosphere.

We hope this article on popular home décor styles helps you explore new ideas and refine the looks that you prefer most. Of course, you may realize that you like a mix of styles, which can be a fun way to incorporate the preferences of multiple residents. If you’re ready to discuss your home’s look and want some interior design expertise, contact us for a personal conversation. We’ll be delighted to help you discover your favorite interior style and customize your home for your best living.

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