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Are you in the process of remodeling your home? If so, renting a dumpster for a home renovation is probably something you’re considering. This can be a great way to get rid of all the debris and waste that comes with your home renovation, and it can promote organization and safety in your workplace. However, there are a few things you need to know before renting one. In this blog post, we will discuss some of those considerations so you can make an informed decision about whether or not obtaining a rental dumpster is right for you!

Plan Before You Go!
This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind when doing any home renovation project. You need to have a plan regarding the objectives, materials, budget, and waste and debris you will be throwing away. This would include how much there is and where it will all go. This will make your entire project go smoothly and prevent things from going overboard.

Pick Something Your Size
When renting a dumpster, you need to know which exact size you will need. This is important because a dumpster size that is too small can be just as costly as renting one that is too large. You will need to take into account the amount of debris and waste that your home renovation will produce. Once you have a good estimate of the size, you can then start looking at prices.

Here are good size estimates to consider for your endeavor:

  • 10-yard MINI (10′ by 7′ by 4′): for smaller applications such as property and yard cleanups; can contain approximately three truckloads of junk
  • 20-yard standard (22′ by 8′ by 4′): suitable for medium-sized applications such as small room remodeling; can contain approximately six truckloads of junk
  • 30-yard standard (22′ by 8′ by 5′): designed for large applications such as entire property renovations; can contain approximately nine truckloads of junk
  • 40-yard standard (22′ by 8′ by 6′): perfect for enormous applications such as demolishing establishments and commercial construction; can contain approximately 12 truckloads of junk

As you can see, there is a precise size dumpster for each sort of remodeling job. Remember to consider the quantity and type of waste that will be created when making your decision.

If you still find this difficult, you can always ask for help from the PROs in the area. The team at RedBox+ dumpster rental is a solid ally in this field. The company is full of good deals, reasonable costs, timely delivery, and efficient waste transportation and management processes.

Consider the Space Allocation
When renting a dumpster, ensure there is somewhere convenient on your property to place it. Because the garbage container will be collected at a set day and time for disposal, the truck that will deliver it should have no difficulty completing this task. The location for the dumpster should steer clear of tripping hazards or overhanging objects above it. The maximum clearance around the dumpster should not be less than 22 feet.

If you don’t have accessible space on your property, a rented dumpster may be placed on the street. However, if you want to do that, be sure to inquire about the necessary paperwork with City Hall.

Estimate How Long Your Project Will Take
Another thing to consider is how long your renovation will take. If you’re doing a quick project, a tiny dumpster will work. However, if your remodeling job will last months, you’ll need something bigger.

Time is also a term that refers to your home renovation project’s schedule, as well as waste and labor-management calendars. For example, a twice-a-week garbage collection in your area will necessitate a different dumpster size than a daily house renovation job in an area with a once-a-week trash collection.

Know Your Waste and Its Limits

How to Rent a Dumpster for Home Renovation

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You should also examine the type of garbage you’ll be discarding over the whole course of your home renovation. Some materials will be heavier than others, and this must be considered when selecting the appropriate dumpster size. If you’re throwing away a lot of concrete, for example, you’ll need a larger dumpster than if you’re just getting rid of some old furniture.

However, it would be incorrect to assume that renting a dumpster implies you may throw any sort of debris in it. Dumpster rental companies usually have restrictions on the type of waste that’s acceptable. Hazardous or combustible materials are commonly not allowed. Also, dumpsters from different firms should not be mixed. Before you hire a waste removal company, make sure you inform them about the type of trash you’ll be throwing away.

Let the Price and Your Budget Meet in the Middle
The most significant thing to keep in mind as you rent a dumpster is the price. The price of a dumpster rental must be clear and fair. You should receive an accurate quote before making further payments if you call a dumpster rental business for the first time. Dumpster rentals are priced differently based on the duration, size of the container, and weight of the garbage.

Abide by State Rules and Regulations
If you are planning on making major changes in your renovation, such as moving walls or adding new windows, you will need to follow the entire process of renting garbage dumpsters as well as waste disposal protocols. Be aware of measures that you should follow to promote orderliness and prevent penalties. A reputable dumpster company can even provide you with information on how to obtain a permit for renting your dumpster.

Weight Boundaries
While the basic idea is to fill the dumpster you rent to its weight capacity, certain rental companies impose additional weight restrictions. After all, they’ll have a hard time moving away from a dumpster that’s too heavy. Exceeding the weight limit usually entails paying an extra charge.

Your End of the Bargain

Renting a Dumpster for a Home Renovation

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It’s easy to just wait for your leased garbage bin to arrive before getting started on the trash you’ll be disposing. However, if you can get all of the trash ready ahead of time, it will be more beneficial for you. If you put boxes in a dumpster without breaking the boxes down, they can take up a lot of room unnecessarily. However, if you break them down into pieces, your dumpster will have extra space for more garbage. Having your trash ready ahead of time also lets you fill the container as soon as the dumpster rental firm delivers it, thus saving time and lowering the price.

There are a lot of factors to look over before you obtain a dumpster for your home remodeling. By following these tips, you can be sure that renting a dumpster for your home renovation will be a smooth and stress-free process! So wait no more, sketch out your plan and get your project moving!

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