We love heirloom furniture. We often find that clients hold onto furniture that’s been handed down in their family, but they either don’t like the look of the pieces or don’t know where to start with refurbishing it.

Here’s a great example. As you’ll see in the BEFORE photo, one of our wonderful clients had a coffee table and an end table that were family heirlooms. However, our client loves bright colors and an updated look. We had both tables repaired, refinished and painted in this sharp, glossy white. We were even able to key the pulls on the drawers. A little tender loving care (TLC) gave new energy to these tables, which will balance the bold colors in our client’s game room. Since the game room looks out onto a patio, where white patio furniture rests, these revitalized white tables bring more synergy and flow to the two spaces. Best of all, our client can truly enjoy her heirloom furniture with a touch of her own style.

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