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As interior designers, we focus on the aesthetics of your home and office as well as how to make the space truly work well for you. While we spend a majority of our time emphasizing the look and function, we also value security features that protect your home and office without seeming obtrusive. After all, a beautiful space should feel safe. In this article, we share security features to incorporate into your home and office that are well-designed and go beyond the traditional alarm system.

Strengthen Doors and Windows
Surprisingly, the most common entry point for a burglary is the front entrance, according to Home Security Store. Older doors have often weakened and can be pushed or kicked in, even when locked. We recommend upgrading entrances with fortified security doors with protected hinges as an added safeguard. If you’ve recently moved into a home, replace the locks to avoid the risk of others having access into your home. Smart doorbells are quite popular and serve as your eyes and ears. Not only can you see and communicate with guests without opening your door, many doorbell cameras also video record activity, presenting one more reason for porch thieves to steer clear.

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Photo Courtesy: Rehme Steel Windows & Doors

A popular design trend is large open windows and doors like the ones shown above. We love the way these can extend your living space outdoors while seemingly expanding and brightening the interiors. However, quality craftsmanship (think steel construction and substantial glass) is important. We also suggest adding glass break detectors to alert you if someone tampers with the glass. Always lock your doors and windows too. Of course, you can also use window treatments to shield your belongings when you’re away, further adding to the beauty of your space.

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Photo Courtesy: YLighting

Light It Up
Proper lighting at entry points to your home and office not only deter thieves but also allow visitors to see clearly and avoid possible tripping hazards. This does not mean you should install clunky, motion-activated flood lights. Instead, our friends at YLighting offer beautiful outdoor lighting solutions that contribute to the landscape and security. This is an important safety feature for homes and offices, especially when you think about employees leaving work after dark or families returning home after sunset. You can also use technology to schedule lights to turn on automatically at certain times. This is not only convenient but it also gives the appearance of people being on the premise, even when you’re away.

Safeguard Your Internet Connection
“Your home wireless network is a doorway to your personal and financial information. And if you use home automation, it can also make your house vulnerable to a break-in. If your Wi-Fi network is connected to smart home gadgets or your security system, it could give criminals direct access to your home,” the security experts at Safewise said.

Strengthen your digital security by using strong passwords that don’t use family or business names. Rename your routers and network rather than keeping the default names. Hide your wireless network SSID so hackers aren’t even able to see them. Of course, it’s also important to maintain antivirus and antimalware software like you should on a computer. With the increase in professionals working from home due to the pandemic, Internet security is more important than ever.

Safe Rooms
We helped design a safe space for a recent client and we assure you, it was very discrete. We have also designed a number of hidden storage spaces and even areas to conceal large room-sized safes.  These all fit flawlessly into the décor while providing additional security.  For homeowners with high-profile occupations or extensive collections, a safe room should be “a well-hidden area behind your walls or underneath the floor. It shouldn’t have any other openings or windows for security reasons” according to Fantasy Dream Homes. In areas prone to bad weather like hurricanes and tornadoes, these spaces also provide a safe escape from Mother Nature.

Remember: you don’t have to sacrifice designer looks for top-notch safety. Numerous options that deliver security for your luxury home and office are available. If you’d like to explore the possibilities for your home or office, contact us for a personal discussion. We’ll help you identify the best security features to incorporate into your home and office.

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