Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and for many couples that means reigniting the spark of their relationship. A nice dinner and night on the town can be romantic, but the most important space to a couple is where you spend the most time with your partner: your home. It’s time for a redesign that reflects the romantic mood you’re setting for Valentine’s Day.

The bedroom is the most intimate space in a home and is the perfect place to begin. We’re sharing our designer secrets to setting a romantic mood in the bedroom, so keep reading to get started!

Dim the Lights
One of the mistakes we often see in client bedrooms is the lack of lighting options. There’s either blindingly bright overhead lighting or useless lamps. In the bedroom, you need multiple sources for lighting. Adding a dimmer to your ceiling lights will help, as well as well-placed lamps and sconces. To keep those Sunday mornings lazy, we also recommend blackout curtains.

Install Mature Art and Accessories
Look around your bedroom. Does your art reflect the maturity and personality of your relationship? Those old bachelor-pad posters aren’t going to make the cut—sorry! Even a single piece of art in the bedroom can go a long way in upgrading your space and adding a touch elegance. The same goes for accessories. You shouldn’t have knick-knacks on every surface, but a few well-coordinated pieces can accentuate your design.

When selecting art and accessories, there are two basic elements to keep in mind. First, consider your color palette. The pieces should coordinate with your overall color palette reflected in paint selections and bedding. Second, consider the size of your space. For a large master bedroom, you will need a larger-scale piece of art to fit the space.

Mix and Upgrade Textures
A romantic room should also feel cozy and warm, and the simplest way to achieve this is by mixing textures. This starts with your bedding. At Pamela Hope Designs, we often design custom bedding for master bedrooms to create a completely unique and personalized space. Once the bedding has been designed, we can coordinate the textures of wallpaper, curtains, and even accent chairs.

In your current space, you can add new, varied textures through throw pillows and blankets. Your space may also be missing the important element of a rug. Especially in rooms with hardwood floors, you will need a rug to soften the space.

Ban Technology
Nothing is a faster mood-killer than those work email notifications coming from the tablet, phone, or laptop on your nightstand. It’s time to remove computers, televisions, and tablets from the bedroom. This makes the space much more personal and intimate. If you must have your phones in the bedroom, consider replacing them on your nightstands with a book and setting up a charging station on your dresser.

Are you ready to redesign your bedroom? Pamela Hope Designs is a full-service interior design firm serving the Greater Houston Area. Contact us today to schedule your first consultation.

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