We’re a few short weeks away from 2016! Am I the only one who’s baffled by how quickly time passes? As the new year approaches, we’re looking forward to the 2016 design trends. From fabrics and materials to lighting and color, we’re excited about the trends being announced!

Sherwin-Williams recently debuted their 2016 color forecast. The popular color schemes are inspired by passionate pursuit, fresh mindfulness, vintage workmanship, social engagement and the evolution of technology. Titled Pura Vida, Mas Amor Por Favor, Nouveau Narrative and Trajectory, these color palettes are sure to make a splash and will find their way into my designs.

Mas Amor Por Favor is definitely my favorite! Which of these color palettes are you looking forward to using? Let us know on Facebook!


Color Palette: Pura Vida


Color Palette: Mas Amor Por Favor


Color Palette: Nouveau Narrative


Color Palette: Trajectory

Image Source: Go Design Go


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