9 Simple Ways to Incorporate French-Inspired Décor

At some point, we’ve all dreamed of living in Paris! Bringing simple French-inspired décor into your home is easier than you may think. Whether you prefer a simple chic look or you’re a dedicated maximalist, there are many ways to turn any room in your home into a Parisian enclare. For your next home décor shopping trip, we’ve created a list of nine items that will have you saying Oui!


  1. A bedroom chandelier screams luxury. Simply choose any style that will mesh with your current décor. shutterstock_231640114
  2. Sip your morning coffee or tea from a matching cup and saucer! Even this small element will help you embrace the French lifestyle.
  3. Always have a Champagne bucket on hand. What’s more French than having Champagne available at a moment’s notice?
  4. In France, bread is taken seriously. Serve up bread on a dedicated baguette board.
  5. For texture, dress your windows with linen drapes. They let enough of the beautiful morning light in, while providing privacy.
  6. Find a place for a vintage statement chair. A statement chair is the perfect piece to allow you to incorporate offbeat fabrics or styles.
  7. Create a gallery wall with baroque frames. The intricate, varying style will create texture on the walls and frame your favorite prints or photos.
  8. Your living room is missing a chaise lounge! Rather than a loveseat, add a chaise lounge to your living room furniture.
  9. Add in a few copper accents. Every French kitchen has a few copper kettles, pots, and pans.

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