At Pamela Hope Designs, we’ve been busy gearing up for 2016. Fun projects are on the horizon and we’ve already started planning our new designs, especially our kitchen redesigns. With that said, we’re always on the lookout for new design ideas and trends.

As we mentioned in a previous post, simple backsplashes are a great way to evoke elegance in kitchen design. We recently discovered a new trend in backsplashes: hexagonal tiles! They add depth to your design and it’s a simple way to incorporate geometric elements. Tile is flexible, because you can add it to your kitchen, bar areas and bathrooms.

We’re currently loving these stunning hex tiles from TileBar. The shades of silver and gold are beautifully complimented by the natural patterns of the tile.


Image Source: TileBar


Image Source: TileBar

Image Source: TileBar

Hexagonal tiles add depth to your design. What are your thoughts on these tiles? Love it or hate it? Tweet us and let us know!


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