It’s time to welcome the warm weather and lighten the look of your home for the summer! Whether you’re preparing for a summer BBQ or simply enjoying the air conditioning, your house should be the perfect summery spot. Check out some of our favorite design ideas to shift your home into summer style:

1. Light and breezy
Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the natural sunlight that brings a new air to a space. Open your windows to enjoy the natural light.

2. A pop of color
Celebrate the season by highlighting reds, yellows, and oranges in the décor.

1. Bedroom
Accented colors in the bedroom, like light blues or dark purples, make the space feel as if it’s celebrating summer alongside you.

2. Living Room
Floor-to-ceiling windows and bright colors make your room perfect for a summer party.

3. Bathroom
For a breezy bathroom like this, fill the space with neutral colors and bright whites, making you feel like you’re on summer vacation in your own home.

1. Plants
Bring the outdoors indoors by adding greenery to darker spaces.

2. Pillows
Add brilliant colors to brighten the room, like turquoise or orange, embracing a whole new season.

3. Art
A playful piece of art is perfect for adding vibrant colors to a living room.

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