Sometimes it’s hard to know how to make a small space visually appealing and functional. The main thing to keep in mind when designing for a small space is to maximize the area as much as possible without using too much because you don’t want your home to look and feel cluttered, small or suffocating.

When choosing furniture, try to avoid pieces that will take up floor space like a bookcase. Try using bookshelves on the walls instead. Don’t try to furnish all at once, instead start with the most important pieces that you actually need. Choose furniture that is mobile and versatile because these pieces are able to move around to suit different purposes.

Color is also something to consider. A dark floor against light colored walls can help make your area feel more spacious.

When accessorizing, remember big art or wall hangings will help your space look bigger. Be sure to look at everything with a critical eye. If you have a piece of furniture you don’t love or don’t use at all, get rid of it.

These tips should help you enjoy the cozy feeling of your small space.


Image Source: Julian Wass- House Beautiful


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