Sometimes space isn’t on our side, and that’s perfectly fine. Almost everyone (especially college freshmen and people in NYC!) experiences minimal space sometimes, and many learn to work with what they’ve  got. Here at Pamela Hope Designs, we get to work with all types of spaces. Sometimes we have a large amount of space where we can go insane with accessories, and other times space is limited, allowing us to get resourceful.

Organization is key  

We all have our hoarder moments, it’s okay. The trick is storing all our precious items without using all of our space. Get creative! Make use of all vertical space around your space.

Are you using the space around your furniture? You should. Whether it’s next to your living room sofa or bedroom furniture, there is always room for shelves. They’re perfect for books, frames, or just your random pieces that you love.

Shelves, shelves, and more shelves! Corner space is key in small spaces. Installing corner floating shelves can be the best usage of your clear corner space.

Bathrooms can be a small challenge to work with, also. Just remember to use up all the space you can think of. For instance, behind-the-door space is perfect for your towel decoration, or just your towels in general. Don’t forget the space about the door. It’s so simple to incorporate shelves to anything. Use this space for towels or your personal bathroom knick knacks.

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