It’s spring market time and we ventured out as a group to attend spring market at the Houston Design Center. We enjoyed the seminars on design, antiques and business trends in Houston. We loved introducing our intern, Montserrat Puente, to our friends and colleagues. Here are a few photos of our afternoon and evening. As you can see, Pamela was quite impressed with the decorations. We have been doing table décor for so many events recently that we are constantly watching for fun ideas. These balloons will make our short list for sure!

Pamela has been busy speaking on design topics to students of all ages. Here is a photo of her talking about dorm room design to a group of young ladies with the National Charity League. Pamela was happy to address this group because she was a member of the National Charity with her mother when they lived in Salt Lake City, UT. She fondly remembers the luncheons, events and charity placements she experienced with her mom.

On the home front my daughter Mia has been very busy putting together her art portfolio. We are very excited to be traveling to San Antonio this weekend for the State Visual Art Scholastic Event competition. I am also proud to announce that Mia has won 1st place for her bookmark design for the Deer Park Public library. Her bookmark will be printed and passed out to everyone at the library. Yay Mia!!

Until next time, keep your creative juices flowing!

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