Our Houston Interior Designers Welcome the Season with Our Spring Cleaning Guide

The frost of winter is starting to thaw, and the days are becoming longer. This only means one thing — spring is upon us! With its aura of rejuvenation, Spring is the season to start decluttering, cleaning, and organizing our homes. From clearing out cobwebs to reviving neglected corners, spring cleaning isn’t just about tidying up—it’s about creating an environment that promotes well-being and productivity. 

In this comprehensive spring cleaning guide, our team of Houston Interior Designers explores the art of organization, offering practical tips and strategies to help you transform your home into a sanctuary of serenity (and cleanliness).

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The Importance of Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is more than just a seasonal ritual; it’s a chance to mentally and physically reset and recharge. Over time, our homes accumulate dust, dirt, and clutter, which can quickly take a toll on us mentally. By cleaning and organizing our living spaces, we not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of our homes but also promote a sense of calm and clarity.

Studies have shown that a cluttered environment can negatively impact our mental well-being, leading to increased levels of anxiety and distraction. In contrast, a clean and organized space can profoundly affect our mood and productivity. By embracing the practice of spring cleaning, we can lay the foundation for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Getting Started

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of spring cleaning, it’s essential to approach the task at hand with a clear plan of action. Start by setting realistic goals and prioritizing areas that require the most attention. Whether decluttering your closet or deep-cleaning the kitchen, breaking the process down into manageable tasks can help prevent feeling overwhelmed and will help to ensure steady progress.

Begin by gathering the necessary supplies, including cleaning products, trash bags, storage containers, and any other necessary tools. Invest in high-quality cleaning solutions that are safe for both your family and the environment, as well as durable storage solutions to help keep your belongings organized in the long run.


One of the most crucial aspects of spring cleaning is decluttering—clearing out the excess and creating space for the things that truly matter. Start by assessing each room in your home and identifying items that are no longer needed or bring you joy. Our team believes that if you haven’t used something in over a year, it’s very likely that this item isn’t a necessity in your life. Don’t be afraid to let go of things that no longer serve a purpose in your life. 

When decluttering, follow the principles of Marie Kondo’s KonMari method, which advocates for keeping only those items that spark joy. Take the time to carefully evaluate each possession, asking yourself whether it brings you happiness and adds value to your life. If the answer is no, thank the item for its service and let it go, whether by donating, recycling, or discarding it responsibly.

Refresh a Decluttered Space

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While you’re decluttering and refreshing your space, this is a great time to note areas that could use a decor upgrade. Even small additions like throw pillows, throw blankets, and accent decor can transform a decluttered space. Reach out to an interior designer to get a fresh perspective on your home and make it look new again through subtle touches.


With clutter out of the way, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and tackle the cleaning process. We recommend starting from the top down, beginning with ceilings, light fixtures, and ceiling fans, and working your way down to floors and baseboards. Dust and wipe surfaces using microfiber or damp cloths to capture allergens and prevent them from circulating in the air. There’s nothing worse than the uncontrollable sneeze attacks that can creep up on us while cleaning! 

Pay special attention to commonly overlooked areas such as behind furniture, inside cabinets, and underneath appliances. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to remove dust mites, pet dander, and other pollutants from carpets and upholstery. For those hard-to-reach spots, consider using a handheld vacuum or an extendable duster to ensure thorough cleaning.

While the cleaning process is therapeutic for some, it can be frustrating for others. If you don’t have time in your busy schedule to clean yourself, hire a cleaning crew who can get the job done with expertise. 


Once your home is clean and clutter-free, it’s time to focus on organization—the key to maintaining a tidy and functional living space. Invest in storage solutions that maximize space and make use of underutilized areas such as closets, cabinets, and drawers. When organizing, think about the flow of your home and how you use each space on a daily basis.


Spring Cleaning

At Pamela Hope Designs, we love implementing bookshelves into our clients’ homes. Not only are they a great way to uplevel your décor and express yourself, they can also provide valuable storage.  Of course, if your shelves are in prominent rooms, be sure to put the prettiest items at eye level.  Books always look good as long as they are neatly shelved.  If you need to store items like office supplies or craft materials, consider using attractive containers which can also serve as accessories.  If you already have bookshelves in your home, you may want to consider refreshing them with accents and new decor.

Utilizing shelves helps to free up valuable floor space and keep surfaces clear. For utilitarian shelves such as those in pantries and closets, store frequently used items within reach and reserve higher shelves or less accessible areas for seasonal or occasional items. We also recommend using labeled bins and baskets on organizing shelves to categorize and contain items, making them easy to locate and access when needed.


Kitchen and bathroom drawers can always be refined and edited for efficient use. Implement drawer inserts for flatware, knives, and other utensils to separate and categorize items. Think about how you use your kitchen when separating your things. This will help you decide which drawer is best suited for certain categories of kitchenware based on convenience. Bathroom drawers seem to always quickly clutter with hygiene products, skincare, makeup, hair products, and more. Drawer inserts can work wonders in a bathroom! 

Do the drawers in your home have outlets? Having outlets inside drawers in the bathroom and kitchen can make all the difference. Charge your kitchen appliances and electronics, along with your hairdryers and other thermal hair styling tools, while they’re tucked away in their drawers so that they’re always ready and charged when you need them. 

Closet Organization

Again, organizing on your own is very rewarding. However, it is ok to ask for help from the professionals. One of our favorite services nowadays is professional closet organizers. Hiring professional closet organizers will breathe new life into your wardrobe and personal style just in time for the warm summer months. 


Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed your spring cleaning and organizing journey. Now, it’s time to put systems in place to ensure your hard work pays off in the long run. We recommend implementing a regular cleaning routine that includes daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to keep your home looking and feeling its best year-round. If your calendar is full of work meetings or you simply dread the task, ask your cleaning team if they offer a weekly or biweekly service. A regular cleaning service will maintain your hard work and free up time in your busy routine. 

Make it a habit to tidy up as you go, putting things back in their designated places after each use to prevent clutter from accumulating. Set aside time each season to revisit your organization systems and make any necessary adjustments based on your evolving needs and lifestyle. By staying proactive and consistent, you’ll be able to enjoy a clean, organized, and inviting home for years to come. With a clean home comes a clear mind. Think of this consistent check-in as a form of self-care!

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Begin Your Spring Refresh

Spring cleaning is more than just a chore; it’s an opportunity to rejuvenate your living space and create a sense of harmony and well-being. By decluttering, cleaning, and organizing your home with intention and purpose, you can make a sanctuary that supports your body, mind, and spirit. So roll up your sleeves, gather your supplies, and revitalize your living space this spring! 

Once your home is a literal clean slate, consider refreshing the decor with the help of an interior designer. Our team is always here to advise! 

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Pamela O’Brien is the founder of Pamela Hope Designs in Houston, Texas. Pamela is an award-winning luxury interior designer, writer, and speaker. Prior to founding Pamela Hope Designs, Pamela served as a spokesperson in media and public affairs, working with media outlets like Dateline NBC and 48 Hours. This experience allowed her to travel the world and furthered her love for travel, culture, and interior design. After going back to school to pursue interior design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Pamela launched her own interior design firm. Pamela is known for building strong relationships with her clients, who later become friends and collaborators. She is highly influential in the Houston interior design space and shows no signs of slowing down.

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