Outdoor Storage from Wayfair

Above, the Saqqarah 120 Gallon Teak Deck Box from Wayfair

Now that we have had the time to adjust being at home, we start to look around our houses and note things that need repairs or items that should be purchased to make our living spaces more functional. We talked previously about storage for our home offices and closets. Let’s shift to our outside living spaces to see which type of storage is needed to make our outdoor gatherings (small and cozy or larger get-togethers when allowed) more complete.

Storage is a much needed item for any household. The more storage you have, the better. Good-looking storage contributes to the environment you want to create. There are a variety of storage bins and cabinets available within a wide price range. They are also available in numerous materials and colors. Some offer shelving, while others offer large bins for storing larger items. The style of storage that you should buy really depends on the materials to be stored, the other outdoor elements that you’ll be incorporating into the overall design and the weather elements that your landscape experiences year-round.

Outdoor Chest for Storage, available from OverstockWe are currently looking for outdoor storage for a couple of our clients with two very different homes. One is a ranch house and one is a beach house. For the ranch, our client needed something in which to store the furniture cushions when it rains as well as to keep the cushions free from dust, when not in use. It can get pretty dusty out on the range! Another consideration is that the storage needs to be big enough to store the cushions, but not so large that it interferes with the porch that wraps around the house. The Palm Harbor Outdoor Wicker Storage Bin on the left from Overstock was a great solution, measuring 52 inches wide and 25 inches deep. Plus, the color coordinates nicely with the stone on the house.

WPC Waterproof Outdoor Storage Bench from Alibaba is great for storage outside

Here are a few more ideas that offer ample storage space for your yard. At right, the WPC Waterproof Outdoor Storage Bench from Alibaba looks and feels like real wood and requires no painting (a good feature when considering upkeep). It currently retails for $200.

If you’re seeking a solid wood option, the Grade A Solid Wood Deck Box from Wayfair (below) is a smart option. Its weather-resistant Teak is impervious to sun, rain, frost and snow, so homeowners can use this leave storage option outside year-round. Shown below, this product weights 110 pounds, measuring 24.75 inches tall x 65 inches wide x 29.5 inches in depth. It’s currently on sale for $899.99 on Wayfair’s website.


deck box for outside storage

Saggarah Teak Box for outdoors

Another great choice from Wayfair is the Saqqarah 120 Gallon Teak Deck Box, which is also solid teak. This gem is water- and UV-resistant. It also may be locked to further protect your enclosed possessions. This storage box weighs slightly less than the other option above. At 77 pounds, this item measures 27 inches tall x 51 inches wide x 22 inches in depth. We love the slightly curved top and overall style as seen in this image (and in the image at the very top of this web page). The Saggarah Teak Deck Box currently retails for $2899.99 and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

For the beach house, the cabinet would be used to contain extra beach towels, sandals and suntan lotion, so shelving was key. We are also looking for a large cabinet to store the furniture cushions when the homeowners are away. While searching, we noticed that a great alternative was a garden shed. Don’t let the title of “garden shed” sway you. As long as it meets our client’s objectives, it can be a good solution. Below are a few items that meet all the client’s requirements.

Wilczek 104.73 Gallons Solid Wood Cabinet from WayfairAt left, the Wilczek 104.73 Gallons Solid Wood Cabinet from Wayfair comes in a golden teak shade. The interior, adjustable shelves are perfect for storing a variety of beach-worthy items. Simply close the door to hide its belongings from view. This cabinet is made of solid Acacia wood and linseed oil sealer. This indoor/outdoor solution weighs 62.8 pounds and measures 64′ inches tall x 24 inches wide x 15.75 inches deep. It retails for $479.99 and can easily be used for an island vibe.

Another nice option for homeowners who don’t mind putting in a little elbow grease is the 120 Gallon Extra Large Hybrid Deck Box from Suncast, shown below. Its natural Cunninghamia Laceolata finish is ready to paint, stain or seal. The durable resin floor and lid will not rot and the reinforced lid provides another seating option in your backyard. With a 5-year warranty and currently priced at just $299, this is a wonderful option to consider.

Extra Large Hybrid Deck Box

For more tips on choosing a garden shed for a variety of possible uses, check out the article “15 Best Garden Sheds: Your Easy Buying Guide (Updated!)” from Heavy.com. Whether you need storage for a pool deck, beach house our ranch, keep in mind that you can substitute garden storage for pool storage without sacrificing good looks. Storage items today are stylish, come in a variety of colors and all shapes and sizes.

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