Living rooms are often the focal point of modern homes, and organizing this space is so much more than just picking the best furniture and the most eye-catching décor. When designing a living room space, you need to think about where you want to spend time with your family, relax after a long day at the office, and even entertain your guests.

There are hundreds of decorating styles, so finding the perfect balance between your style and the current trends of the design world isn’t easy. This year, the biggest battle in the world of living room décor is choosing between the two most popular decorating styles: contemporary or industrial style. Here is my guide on how each of these styles might suit your home. Find the right design fit for you:

Contemporary Style

Contemporary design is all about combining warm colors, comfortable furniture, modern décor, and nature elements. Through these pieces, designers are able to create a nice flow in your living room and make it more inviting, cozy, and enjoyable. Your living room is supposed to be a space of comfort and peace, and that’s only possible with a great combination of colors, layers, textures, materials, and patterns that the contemporary style offers.

Keep in mind that contemporary style doesn’t deny the existence of traditional style. On the contrary, it updates and upgrades traditional style. Contemporary style is perfect for people who love simple-yet-elegant furniture, aren’t afraid of bold and dark colors, and enjoy sustainable décor made from reclaimed materials and second-hand resources. That’s why anyone who has free time and a couple of spare dollars can easily freshen up their traditional furniture with a contemporary design.

Industrial Style

The industrial style of design isn’t as common, despite being equally as beloved as contemporary décor. The reason for this is quite simple: It’s just not for everyone! Its high ceilings, unfinished walls, unusual flooring, exposed piping, almost steam-punk wallpapers, and simple layout are a beautiful way to make your space one of a kind.

When it comes to materials, an industrial living room has to include lots of wood, concrete, stone, and glass, and it’s even better if these products are recycled and reclaimed. These materials also dictate a predominant color scheme, so tones like grey, green, brown, and even black are perfect for this kind of a setup, especially in a living room that has huge windows and lots of natural light.

If you find industrial décor appealing, you can take this style to a whole new level by personalizing it with your own touches. Nevertheless, it’s important not to clutter your living space, so stick to just a couple of pieces of furniture—a sofa, a coffee table, and a bookcase are going to be quite enough for an industrial home.

What Do the Designers Recommend?

Interior decorating styles and trends are constantly changing, and you really have to dedicate your time and patience if you want to stay up to date and informed. When it comes to deciding on whether you should pick the contemporary or industrial style, designers are surprisingly united in saying that you should opt for whichever style you want as long as it’s consistent in every corner of your living room.

How Do You Choose?

First, you need to define your style, and then you can make the decision. Deciding which style you’re going to use in your living is never an easy choice, and definitely not one you should make hastily. So before you make a decision, talk to people with more experiences—contractors, architects, interior designers, and even your friends who have decorated their living rooms in one of these styles.

Of course, you can also always come up with your own personal mixture of the two. It’s possible to combine elements from both of these styles by identifying the features that appeal to you the most and blending them together naturally and seamlessly. In the end, it’s up to you, so pick a style that suits you, your lifestyle, and your personality best.

Need help finding the right style or combination for your space? We are here to help you find the perfect designs for your home.

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