Warmer weather means more sunshine, so now is a great time to begin updating your sunroom design. Sunrooms are a stunning addition to any home because they create a lively, light-hearted ambiance for you to relax in.

When decorating your sunroom, you should embrace the brightness by decorating with light color palates. Add a bookshelf and a coffee table, and adorn them with flowers, or other accents that make the room inviting and comfortable. Make sure the furniture you choose is made from materials that have light tones to collaborate with the natural brightness and light color scheme of the space. There is a tranquility about sunrooms that make them therapeutic and great a environment to relax and clear your mind, so try updating your sunroom this spring.


The Details: Designer: Ann Holden, Architect: William Sonner, Photographer: Paul Costello, Image Source: Veranda

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