Living room styles and trends have changed over the course of time, but seating has remained one of the most important factors in living room design. Everyone loves a comfy chair! Whether you choose large-scale sofas, stools or accent chairs for one, your seating should be stylish and comfortable. We’ve compiled a few of our current seating obsessions; here’s why they’re on our wish list:

Quilted Chairs and Stools
Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe how in love I am with the combination of warm leather and cool steel! Quilted chairs and stools make the perfect addition to any living room, bar area or dining room.

Cozy Armchairs
Imagine enjoying a cup of coffee with your closest friends while sitting in a lush armchair. The round shape, smooth surface and pillow-like seat makes an armchair a must-have in your space.

Open, Accessible Sofas
Perfect for family movie night or to cuddle up with a good book, open sofas are a great seating choice for your living room. Open sofas can make your space feel bigger and they’re designed with comfort and ease in mind.

Choosing the right seat is an easy feat! We want to hear all about your favorite seating styles! Let us know in the comments.


Image Source: Haute Living


Image Source: Haute Living


Image Source: Haute Living


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