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As a follow-up to last month’s article on “Rising Interest in Updating Kitchens and Bathroom,” we thought we’d delve into the kitchen and bath plumbing finishes and styles that are popular today as well as what some of the latest trends offer homeowners.

Popular Plumbing Finishes
“More and more manufacturers have expanded plumbing finishes this year to include matte black, which is a smart move because pros expect matte black to dominate the faucet category in 2021 and beyond,” according to Residential Products Online.

One of the benefits of the matte black finish is that it hides water spots and other grime well. Its maintenance is also simple with just a wipe down with a damp rag. Matte black plumbing fixtures also age well in contrast to many other plumbing finishes that chip or lose their luster.

buttered brass plumbing fixtures in a bathroom

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Using matte black as a base in your home allows you to easily add color for a punch. In a kitchen, you may consider adding a bold color like red that is thought to stimulate food cravings. In a bathroom, you may opt for a softer color to create a soothing experience. Regardless, matte black plumbing fixtures do not require homeowners to embrace an all black-and-white room, although that can unveil a stunning look as well.

Buttered brass continues as another favorite finish for kitchen and bath fixtures. Many like the balance it offers between polished and matte brass. It’s certainly a softer, champagne finish compared to antiqued brass. We’re also seeing buttered brass carried beyond the plumbing fixtures to also include lighting sconces and overhead light fixtures as shown in the bathroom photo at right.

Kitchen and Bath Plumbing Styles
As people used their kitchens more than ever before due to the pandemic, many have found the need to upgrade the space for maximum use. From a style perspective, expect to see more double kitchen sinks, which allow you to multi-task efficiently. For instance, wash vegetables in one sink and fill a pot with water in the other. Farmhouse sinks with the front apron exposed is a unique look that many are embracing. Their deeper basins also make cleaning larger pots easier with less splashing onto the countertops.

How many times have you been preparing a meal when you reach for the kitchen faucet and promptly cover the handle with food? It’s more concerning when you’re handling raw meat and want to prevent scattering bacteria or are keenly aware of how much you need to wash your hands to avoid spreading COVID. Thus, a kitchen trend we’re seeing is for faucets to have no handles and no knobs. Instead, touch faucets allow you to touch anywhere on the plumbing to turn the water on or off. Tap the faucet with your wrist to avoid covering the nozzle with a mess. Alternatively, some touchless kitchen and bath faucets are motion-activated, which also addresses water conservation interests since these faucets automatically turn off without motion. With fewer knobs and nozzles, this aesthetically also creates a more streamlined look.

antibacterial sink

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There are even kitchen sinks composed of a proprietary stainless steel called T304Plus that has natural antimicrobial qualities. According to Krauss USA, “third-party testing found that T304Plus steel killed up to 99.9% of bacteria that touched (The Dex™ Stainless Steel Kitchen) sink surface, making Dex, shown above, one of the cleanest sinks on the market. Yes, this is a positive outcome of the pandemic and we believe this trend will remain for quite some time.

custom plumbing in shower with bench seat

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We also expect to see more customized bathrooms, which of course means personalized plumbing. You may discover an interest in a combination of a rainfall shower head for a softer spray and a handheld shower jet, which is great when you need a more concentrated water spray like rinsing your hair or bathing your dog. No longer are you limited to one type of faucet. We are also hearing more requests for specialty shelving and seating in showers. Perhaps the pandemic’s squash on travel has many of us longing for spa-like endeavors right in our own homes.

self-cleaning toilet

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Speaking of getaways, one aspect of vacationing is that your cleaning chores are greatly minimized. Homeowners can now incorporate bathroom plumbing with self-closing, hands-free flushing and self-cleaning technology. It’s amazing! Who wouldn’t love less interaction with these germy surfaces? As shown below, Kohler has introduced innovative toilet technology that keeps the commode cleaner five times longer than a traditional toilet AND you don’t have to sacrifice good looks.

Even as the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more widely available, the Pamela Hope Designs team anticipates homeowners investing their disposable income on home improvements. Kitchens and bathrooms are ideal areas to upgrade in order to improve sanitization, optimize their functionality and capture a luxurious feel. Kitchen and bath plumbing is central to health-first renovations. Contact us to discuss the improvements you’d like to bring to your home.

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