We’re seeing a rising interest in decorating with wallpaper, which has us excited. Print capabilities are making the size and material of wallpaper less expensive or more broadly available. Plus, the multitude of styles is invigorating. In this post, we’ll examine the latest in wallpaper and how you can bring this trend into your home in small and big ways.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper

Photo Courtesy: Wallshoppe

Peel-and-stick or non-posted wallpaper is now an option. According to The Strategist, “Unlike traditional wallpaper, peel-and-stick wallpaper comes coated with an adhesive backing, so it can be stuck onto the wall and then peeled off like it was never there.” This is a consideration if you’re living temporarily in a space like a college dorm room or apartment, but you want to add some personality, or you prefer to update your décor fairly often. We adore this retro paper from Wallpaper by Barbie-Panel that is in the peel-and-stick format. We envision this delightful print featured in a female’s bedroom or even giving her closet some pizazz.

Our clients are so in love with the papers we install, they ask us to do more rooms rather than redo them. So, while we don’t generally do much temporary design work at PHD, we understand it can be right for some people. We have been warned by our installers that the peel and stick papers can be a bit tricky so be sure you are up to the task. Having installed wallpaper four times in my life, I can assure you there won’t be a fifth! Also, much of the success of permanent installations involves significant wall prep so be sure that your walls are in the right shape for the project.

Nature-inspired prints are a popular selection. Over the past two years, COVID-19 forced people to limit travel and to work from home. We know this lockdown nudged homeowners to take a second look at their own backyards for ways to extend their living spaces and create some sort of an escape. (Our blog post “Outdoor Spaces Meant for Year-Round Use” offers some great ideas.) While travel restrictions have largely lifted, the interest in blending indoors with favorite outdoor elements has seeped into wallpaper designs. From floral and foliage prints to papers capturing animals in the wild, we’re seeing Mother Nature brought inside. For instance, look at the vastly different approaches taken on the following wallpapers featured in Homedit.

nature in wallpaper

Photos Courtesy: Homedit



Don’t limit your wallpaper thinking to greenery. We couldn’t help but to gravitate toward these celestial choices featured in Luxe Interiors + Design Houston. While the image below captures both wallpapers and fabrics, there are a lot of ways you can incorporate these to craft a unique room. Consider wallpapering a ceiling or just one wall in a bedroom for a star-studded experience. You could also use one of these solar system-themed wallpapers to give depth to shelves or bookcases.

celestial wallpapers

Photo Courtesy: Luxe Interiors + Design Houston

Photo Courtesy: Homes and Gardens + Polly Wreford


Taking the Earthy focus a step further, “Scenic landscape wall mural ideas are the biggest story in wallpaper trends for 2022 – wonderfully atmospheric and evocative, a stunning wall mural will transform and capture the imagination,” according to Homes & Gardens. In this next example, the wall mural sets the tone of the room with a panoramic scene depicted. We love the edge-to-edge concept that immerses residents into an outside space.

These wall murals can be applied in bedrooms to create a magical getaway as well. This next example below from Homedit is the perfect spot for any female. The softness in the pale pink sky is then picked up in the bed linens. How cozy!



mural wallpaper

Photo Courtesy: Homedit

avocado tile in bathroom renovation

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

We’re also seeing geometric shapes in wallpapers, especially in blues and greens. As we’ve recently shared, we installed this emerald wallpaper by Cole & Sons in a Houston home’s guest bathroom and have received rave reviews. It was also featured in “After a decade in Amsterdam, Houston couple brings European style to their Southgate home” in the Houston Chronicle. The geometric design adds a sophisticated feel to a space often overlooked. Wallpapering a half bath is becoming more popular as homeowners relish in the fact that they can splurge in smaller spaces without spending as much as they might in larger rooms.

If you’re not ready for such a bold statement, wallpapers with a more subdued color palette can still embrace the trend to geometrics shapes. In the home office shown below, the arrow design in soft gray and white serves as a visual backdrop to a home office. Its balanced with white walls and floors for a crisp, clean look — a welcome sign in any office.

geometric wallpaper

Photo Courtesy: Desvinter and The Spruce

Geometric wallpapers can also be used to add texture to a room. Take the next example from Decoist that uses off white for a calm, refined master bedroom. The wallpaper on the primary wall gives depth to the setting.

Photo Courtesy: Decoist

geometric thin lines in wallpaper

Photo Courtesy: Roman


Thin lines in geometric shapes are an alternative to wide shapes that can seem heavy. The ultra-thin lines in the next example would look great in an office, a home office or on an accent wall in a living room. Your options are endless.

Regardless of your style, if you’d like help selecting wallpaper for your home or business, contact Pamela Hope Designs. We’ll partner with you to create spaces as unique as you are.

For more ideas like these, read “How to Go Bold with Statement Wallpaper” on our blog.

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