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At our first meeting with Greg, we had already shown him the lot and told him we wanted a Country French style home. We knew we wanted a large motor court with plenty of parking. We wanted a three car garage. We did not want a pool. We did not care about a lot of grass or a large backyard but preferred the house be set back some from the street. We disagreed a little about the size of the home. I thought the home should be 5,000 square feet for the neighborhood and resale and Jon thought we needed no more than 3,500.

Greg listened patiently and started to draw bubble diagrams.  This is often the first step.  It helps you decide on a rough layout and floor plan and is quite fun to conceptualize.  Here are our three final bubble diagrams.  Can you guess which layout we chose? 

Bubble Diagram A 6218 Memorial

Bubble Diagram A – 6218 Memorial

Bubble Diagram B 6218 Memorial

Bubble Diagram B – 6218 Memorial

Bubble Diagram C 6218 Memorial

Bubble Diagram C – 6218 Memorial

And the winner was…“C!” We wanted the master down and the option of another first floor bedroom although it might actually serve us as a study. We wanted a large eat-in kitchen, a formal dining room that wasn’t too big and just one main living area downstairs. No formal living room was needed. A big his and hers master closet was a must.  Bubble diagram  “C” seemed to fit our needs nicely. We could not wait to see what the bubbles would look like as actual house plans!CTA5-blog

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