Wallpaper can get a bad (w)rap. It’s much easier to install than you may think, lasts much longer than paint, and opens up a whole new world of patterns. When choosing between wallpapers, you want to find a design that reflects your personality and brings you joy. With so many beautiful choices, you may not know where to start! Use these tips to wallpaper shop successfully:

Color is Key

First, decide the mood you want the space to portray, as color is a major factor in the tone of a room. Soft, cool colors suggest tranquility, while intense, warm colors are fresh and dramatic. To make a space appear larger and the ceiling higher, pick patterns with cool color backgrounds. Warm colors are more intense and can give the room a bright energy. The more intense the color, the more excitement it will add to a room.

Think About the Trends

Need some wallpaper inspiration? Our team loves to use wallpaper to make a space feel unique. We have seen a huge trend

botanical wallpaper at Kips Bay

Room by Alizee Brown; Photo credit: Sargent Architectural Photography

in botanical patterns again this year. Green and leafy wallpaper prints are ideal for bringing a breath of fresh air to a space. (At right, we show a room by Alizee Brown that was shown at the 3rd Annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House Palm Beach, where Pamela attended.) We also love using soft, muted pinks in some of our more modern homes. If you’re put off by a full wall of color, you can also try opting for a colored feature wall. Another unique finish we love is metallic. Metallic prints bring a luxurious edge to any room. There are plenty of wallpaper options to choose from, so explore the possibilities.

Choose Your Style

Small-scale patterns can make a room feel larger and more spacious, while large-scale designs can make rooms feel more intimate. For a formal look, choose larger patterns with dramatic colors. For a fun, bright style, pick small patterns that are open and regularly spaced, such as polka dots. Wallpaper books typically provide plenty of options, so play around with samples to see what fits your room best.

Hide Flaws with Texture

Are there flaws in your wall? Patterns with texture can hide or camouflage architectural eyesores. If there are imperfections on your walls, wallpapers with busier patterns can hide these issues easily.

Utilize Light

In a dark hallway or windowless space, look for wallpapers that will reflect light around the room. Typically, patterns with light colors, metallics or iridescent inks can lighten an entire room. Also consider patterns with smooth surfaces that reflect maximum light. Dark colors absorb light, making walls appear closer and the room smaller. Textured surfaces also tend to make a wall look darker. By playing with light, you can create an entirely different mood for your room.

Spend time getting to know your specific wallpaper tastes and the mood you want to portray, as there are so many unique options out there. Once you know what you love, have fun with your project. Wallpaper can be a fun and trendy update to any house, so let us help you get creative!

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