Easy Tips for a Perfect Closet


We all sometimes wish we had the magical closet like Cher did in “Clueless,” but sometimes life isn’t fair and we have to work with what we have. Like everything in life, we have to start with what makes sense, which is organization.



When is the last time you looked viewed the very back of your closet? We haven’t either. The first tip is to get organized, and just like Carrie on “Sex and the City,” you might need multi-colored Post-its to get your closet life together.


Use every corner of space in your closet. The depth and all the vertical spaces will do wonders when you don’t want to trash any your favorite collectibles.


Mirrors and more mirrors might just be your design weapon. Not all of us have a huge amount of closet space, so be sure to make use of your space. Hanging mirrors will help create the illusion that there is more space.


It’s your closet—be sure that you add that spectacular touch to express whose closet it is. You should incorporate objects that describe who you are. Simple touches should include your favorite color schemes, images, and maybe an area rug.


Wallpaper, surprisingly, can be the best accessory. Pick a wall and add a little detail with wallpaper. This is quick and easy and can change the vibe of the closet.


Lastly, be sure to organize your accessories well. Creating a home for even the smallest objects will help you stay organized and help you remember all of the fabulous items you have.


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